Yoplait Swap Team and Alison Sweeney Q&A! #YoplaitSwapTeam

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Hey All!

I love being a part of the Yoplait Swap Team! It’s a great program sponsored by my favorite Yogurt Yoplait and I recently had the opportunity to get some questions answered by our queen B Swapper Alison Sweeney, while she grabbed a snack while out and about this week in Los Angeles.

First here are some quick tips from Alison about how she stays fit and healthy and balances a busy schedule:

  • Make exercise a regular part of your schedule and try something new all the time.
  • Eat at home as often as you can. Home-cooked meals are good for the soul, and the body!
  • Take time every day for yourself. Even if it’s just a couple pages of a novel before you go to bed.
  • Find happiness in small parts of your day – even at snack time. You can enjoy eating what you love, by just making a healthier choice. I like a Red Velvet Cake Yoplait Light because it tastes great and saves me a bunch of calories vs. a real slice.
  • Get plenty of rest! This is something I am terrible at, but getting a good night sleep always helps you stay healthy and feel better the next day
  • Enjoy the journey! We all set such high goals and standards for ourselves, and sometimes we forget that it’s the process of getting there that supposed to be fun. If we wait until the end to celebrate we’re missing out!

And here are my questions for Alison Sweeney in the Q&A:

What’s your biggest challenge that you face with being a mother and trying to stay on track with a diet?

Like every mom, we’re always looking to figure out how to make food healthy that also appeals to younger appetites.  It’s a delicate balance.  Mostly, I try to cook one meal that the whole family can eat because I just don’t have time to be whipping up custom dishes for everyone.  Sometimes I can dance around that by making a hearty stew for example, and for the kids I serve it with a bit of pasta, and I’ll just skip that part…

What tips can you give to all of us moms who struggle with this?

Diet is such  huge part of overall health.  I cannot overstate how crucial it is to be in control of what you put in your body.  So, for me, cooking at home a lot is a big part of that – you control the ingredients, the portions… everything. Often times restaurants and fast food end up making any healthy option pretty unappealing.  Cooking at home allows you to choose fresh ingredients that you like … all things you can pronounce, and avoid unnecessary fats or sugar.

And what’s one of your favorite moments from The Biggest Loser?

My favorite BL moment of this season was weighing in on the USS Missouri.  BL13’s trip to Hawaii was so incredible, I was so grateful my family came with me so on my days off, we really had fun.  And spending time in Pearl Harbor, introducing that part of American history to Ben was really special and meaningful.  I know I will always remember it.

 What’s one of your favorite recipes from The Mommy Diet?

Our family favorite – Oatmeal Pancakes!!! They are delicious and way better for you than the tradition pancake recipes.  It’s a fun alternative to sweet syrup to top them with Yoplait Light … everyone loves the combo, and I cut up some fruit to make the plate really pretty… it’s a fancy Sunday morning breakfast!

And what’s your favorite flavor of Yoplait Light?

I would have to say right now Raspberry Lemonade is my favorite.  But I really love swapping decadent desserts for the Yoplait dessert flavors.  Like Boston Cream Pie or strawberry cheesecake? it totally satisfies that dessert craving, and saves loads of calories at the same time.

I think she had some amazing suggestions that I really need to do!

If you love Yoplait Light just as much as Alison and I do then PRINT OUT THIS COUPON and save! Since you all know I’m all about saving!  For more information on the Yoplait Light Swap, visit Yoplait’s Facebook page to get additional swap ideas, tips and easy recipes!

***Disclosure: I am part of the yoplait light team and I’m given free Yoplait and gift cards in this program. All opinions are my own!***


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