3 Products I Use for Summer Entertaining!

Looking for some great new products to try this summer? Check out these 3 Products I Use for Summer Entertaining!

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Hey All!

Can you believe summer is already here? I feel like it came so quickly! If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know I like to be the hostess with the mostess. This summer, I’m trying to open myself up to entertaining more and having company over. After the crazy few years we’ve had, you can imagine I haven’t had a chance to do much entertaining. This summer that changes! We’re of course going to be doing everything we can to stay safe as we entertain guests this summer. Each summer I love trying and finding new products to use for my travels and entertaining. I’ve recently found three products that I’m in love with by partnering with Babbleboxx. I always discover the most amazing brands thanks to Babbleboxx.

I wanted to share those products with you today, because I feel like they may help with your summer entertaining as well.

First up is:

zip top BORDER

Zip To Container Bags

This summer we’re going to be hosting a picnic on the beach for my son’s birthday and a back yard BBQ to catch up with friends and family.

Putting RECIPE 33 Almonds in bag

We’re going to be using these amazing Zip Top reusable containers to transport our food this summer. They are also great food storage containers for keeping leftovers or for carrying snacks for our summer travels.

Zip To Container Bags

They keep all the foods we put in them extra fresh. Zip Top is a great reusable silicone container that stands up, stays open and zips shut – no lids!

Zip To Container Bags

It’s made with 100% platinum silicone and is freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s even made in the USA! Its also great for the environment to use reusable bags like this. Until July 31st get a discount of 20% by using Code: BOXX20. Check out their website HERE for more info and to snag some of these amazing reusable containers!

Next up is:


RECIPE 33 Almonds

One thing I always love to snack on and serve when we’re entertaining is almonds. You can imagine my excitement when I found RECIPE 33! They are flavored almonds without all the additives or mess that ends up all over you! They taste amazing and I love they are entirely made with real ingredients that you will find in each package.

RECIPE 33 Almonds Serving Board

They are great for an on the go snack, dressing up your salads or leveling up summer entertaining with a charcuterie board. I threw this quick charcuterie board together for my family to enjoy filled with these almonds and their favorite snacks.

RECIPE 33 Almonds

My family loved them and I can’t wait to serve them to my guests during my summer festivities.

We received the following flavors to try:

Black Truffle infused almonds – made with real Italian winter black truffle

  • Three ingredients (almonds, sea salt, black truffle)
  •  No artificial flavors or additive
  • No seasoning or oils all over your hand
  • Perfect with your favorite red wine and some brie cheese

Smoky Serrano infused almonds – made with fresh serrano peppers

  • Three ingredients (almonds, smoked sea salt, serrano peppers)
  • No seasoning or oils all over your hand
  • Perfect with your favorite IPA beer

Garlic Dill infused almonds – made with fresh garlic & dill

  • Four ingredients (almonds, sea salt, dill, garlic)
  • No seasoning or oils all over your hand
  • Perfect with your favorite Lager beer

Lemon Rosemary infused almonds – made with fresh lemons & rosemary

  • Four ingredients (almonds, sea salt, lemon, rosemary)
  • No seasoning or oils all over your hand
  • Prefect with an oaky chardonnay and sharp white cheddar

Cinnamon Vanilla infused almonds – made with real vanilla beans and whole cinnamon sticks

  • Five ingredients (almonds, cane sugar, sea salt, cinnamon, vanilla)
  • No seasoning or oils all over your hand
  • Dress up your oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast.

The smoky serrano has dried peppers, garlic dill has garlic chips and dried dill, lemon rosemary has lemon wedges and sprigs of rosemary, cinnamon vanilla has cinnamon stick and dried vanilla bean pods.

RECIPE 33 Almonds

It’s really the perfect snack for the summer. So easy to take around in your bags as well if you’re packing them for a picnic or for travel.

Save $2.00 on any 4oz bags with Code: TryRECIPE33. Snag some for your own summer Charcuterie Boards HERE!

And last but not least is:

Roland Foods Border

Roland® Organic Soba Noodles

I’m always looking for a quick and easy summer meal to serve my guests and family each summer. Thankfully we fell in love with Roland® Organic Soba Noodles. Soba noodles are thin brown noodles traditionally made with organic buckwheat or a blend of buckwheat and wheat flours, and salt. They have a soft, slippery texture and are perfect for stir-fries, soups or cold salads. I quickly whipped up this sweet and sour little stir fry with the noodles that tastes great both hot and cold.

Roland® Organic Soba Noodles cooked

To cook: in a large pot, bring 6 cups of water to a boil in a large pot. Add soba noodles. Once water comes back to a boil, lower heat and simmer for 3 minutes or until tender. Drain the noodles and rinse them with cold water.

Roland® Organic Soba Noodles bowl

I’ll definitely be serving it to my guests who come to stay with us for a quick and easy lunch or dinner idea.

Roland® Organic Soba Noodles

Roland Foods’ Soba Noodles taste great and are a product of Taiwan. They have been in business for 85+ years, so they have had a long time to perfect the taste of these delicious noodles. Their brand offers premium, specialty, and globally loved products. Check out their great new colorful packaging too! Find more info on Roland Foods HERE!

I hope you love these products for summer just as much as I do!

Thanks again to BabbleBoxx for sponsoring this post!

Thanks to you for supporting the amazing brands like this one who keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!