5 Minute Monsters University Family Costume!

Hey All!

Happy Almost Halloween! Today we’re sharing our first DIY costume as a family and thankfully it will only take 5 minutes to make and you can use clothes you hopefully have around the house or can borrow from your grandma! Check out this super cute and easy to make 5 Minute Monsters University Family Costume! We’re all about the Disney Costumes this year. It’s a Disney Halloween for sure!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I saw Monster’s University years ago and took one look at Squishy and his mom, I knew one day I would make a costume for me and my baby to wear. I’m so happy that day has finally come. I love that we could include the hubby in the costume as well as Don.

It’s super simple to put together and here is how to make it!

For Don You’ll Need:

A Green Polo, Beige Khaki Pants, Glasses, Monsters University Hat, Black Craft Foam, Fake Mustache, and Yellow Felt.

For Baby Squishy You’ll Need:

Green Baby Hat, Green Baby Sweater, Purple Pants, and Green Mickey Socks. We got the sweater and pants from Primary!

For Squishy’s Mom:

A Flower Print House Dress, Rollers, Slippers, Wig of any color, Monster Googley Eyes, Clear Tape, and the elastic from a party hat. You can also get some horns and put that in your hair as well.

You’ll use velcro sticker dots, glue dots, scissors and yellow felt and fabric glue to make these.

For Don you simply cut out some bat shapes for the side hair pieces and for his mustache from the black craft foam. You stick the mustache onto a fake mustache with glue dots and cut the hair from the fake mustache so it’s not seen. You stick on the side hair pieces onto your glasses with some velcro dots.

I looked at an image of the OK letters I googled as I cut out the OK letters. They have little horns on the O. I glued the letters onto the polo shirt and let it dry. That’s all you need to do to make the Don costume.

To make the Squishy costume you simply glue the OK to the sweater and hat and you’re done. If you have an older kid you can make some monster eyes to go on his forehead. You make them by getting some googley eyes and sticking them onto a piece of clear tape. You take the elastic from a party hat and stick it onto the back of the piece of tape with the eyes and secure it with more tape. Cut the excess tape off with a scissors and you’re done.

That’s basically all you have to do to make Squishy’s moms costume as well. You just put on the house dress, put the wig in some rollers and put the wig on and make the monster eyes and you’re done. You can add horns too if you’d like.

You can do this as a couples costume or a family costume. Super simple and easy to make right? 5 minutes and you’re a Disney Halloween Family!

It’s so fun and I can’t wait to go out trick-or-treating at Disneyland in these costumes. Love them!

I hope you love this fun and easy costume idea as much as I do. We’re totally a huge Disney family in case you couldn’t tell!

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