8 Ways I Use Blueberries!

This is part of sponsored campaign on behalf of Albertsons. All Opinions are my own.


Hey All!

You all know I love to shop at Albertsons. It’s my grocery store of choice! When I visited this week I noticed they had Blueberries and Lipton Pure Leaf Tea on sale for only 99 cents for the blueberries and $3.99 for each of the Lipton Pure Leaf Tea. I love bluberries and it’s great that Albertsons is having a Huge 75th Anniversary Sale on some of my favorite products and the prices are amazing. I usually stock up when the things I love are on sale. Blueberries can easily be frozen and you can’t beat the price when they are only 99 cents. Who wouldn’t stock up when you’re getting such a deal. I also stocked up on my Lipton as it usually gets drunk pretty quickly in my house as we don’t drink soda.


I use blueberries for a number of things! Here are just 8 different ways I use my bluberries:

1. I Freeze them and Eat them for a snack!
2. I put them in my yogurt.
3. I put them in my cereal.
4. I put them in my alchoholic and mocktail drinks. (Mojitos are the best with Blueberries)
5. I put them in my Lipton Pure Leaf Tea!
6. I put them in my pancake batter. Blueberry pancakes are the best.
7. I put them in my kids lunches for a side.


8. And lastly I make awesome smoothies with my blueberries.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 5.57.49 PM

I highly recommend you visit your local Albertsons and check out the #HugeSale they are having right now!

Everything from chips to chicken and of course Blueberries are on sale right now.

Hurry out to your local Albertsons and get your hands on some of the great deals they are having for their Huge 75th Anniversary Sale!

What will you be stocking up on for this sale?