A Day Of Pampering With Caress® Forever!

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Hey All!

I’m always looking for great ways to pamper myself and one of the ways I like to do that is to take time to either give myself a great exfoliating shower or take a nice bath using a fabulous new product I’ve fallen in love with. My new favorite body wash is Love Forever™ scent of the Caress® Forever Collection at Walmart. It allows you to experience freshness around the clock with the world’s first body wash with Fragrance Touch Technology. It’s fabulous and it’s amazing how the scent of this body keeps going and going. You don’t need to wear perfume after using this body wash.

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The Caress® Forever Collection uses Fragrance Release Pearls™. These invisible beads are found within the body wash and release bursts of perfume every time you touch your skin for up to 12 hours – so you can leave a lasting impression throughout the day. So every time I touch my skin or get a hug from my husband or family it releases a burst of perfume. It’s pretty amazing in my opinion. I like to make an event of the time I like to pamper myself. Everyone knows not to bug me as I’m spending the day pampering myself and relaxing. I run a bath and snuggle up with a book I’m trying to read. I like to fill the water with my body wash so it acts like a bubble bath. When I first took the Caress® Forever body wash to run a bath, I immediately noticed it was much thicker than my other body washes. It’s silky and smooth at the same time. It’s like silk coming out of a bottle since it has a shimmer to it as well. That’s the best way I could describe it.

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The Caress® Forever Collection has two great body wash fragrances, Caress® Love Forever™ that has spicy floral sweetness and Caress® Adore Forever that has a rich floral scent. I love the Caress® Love Forever™ scent. It’s a mix of lush dark berries and the freshly picked Scarlet Red Rose.

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It’s now sitting on my vanity with my other favorite products that I use daily. It’s always great to search and find new products that will help you pamper yourself. Every lady needs some me time especially after a long busy week. This body wash is helping me smell lovely all day long which makes me feel like I’m pampering myself all day long.

If you’re on the hunt for a fabulous new scent or body wash I highly recommend you check out the Caress® Forever Collection!

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To learn more about the Caress® Forever Collection and its breakthrough touch-activated technology visit Caress® Forever Collection at Walmart!



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