A Year In Review & Big Announcement For 2015!



Hey All!

It’s 2015 and I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on 2014 for a minute. It was an insane year for me! I got married…



I moved into our dream apartment and traveled! I met dolphins and went to Mexico for the first time. I swam and kayaked in the Sea of Cortez (which was crazy and amazing).


I hosted some amazing parties for some fantastic brands and created some amazing crafts, DIY’s, and Recipes that I absolutely love!


I loved collaborating with some amazing Bloggers and Designers like Elba over at Live Colorful! Collaborating was something I actively seeked out in 2014 as I was so inspired by the folks at Alt Summit to do so and it was such a rewarding experience that has allowed me to learn and grow from having the privilege to work with so many amazing individuals and brands during the year.


I really accomplished a lot and I’m really proud of myself as I’m a one woman show running this whole blog and operation. I do have the help of my hubby and family sometimes, but it’s mainly all me coming up with the original content and struggling to keep things fresh and original.

I really tried to take my blog to a new level as much as I could in 2014 and I know I really improved a lot. There was one thing that I’ve felt for some time was holding me back and that I’ve been actually told multiple times by brands and PR reps who I work with and have become friends with over the years and that is that the name of my site was honestly holding me back.

The name “The Queen of Swag” honestly doesn’t match the content of this blog and frankly I’m just tired of having to explain to people that I’m not coupon or deal site! Since so many people just look at the url and or the name and just automatically think it’s a Swag site. Swag to me was STAR. WARS. AWESOME. GEEK or short for Swagger. I will never be a SWAG, Deal, or Coupon site as that’s just not my thing. Not that there is anything wrong with those kinds of sites, that’s just not what this site is about.

So I’m taking the scary plunge and rebranding and changing the name to this blog and in March of 2015 we will be relaunching with a brand spanking new and awesome blog design as BRITE & BUBBLY!


Yes we had donuts made to celebrate this major announcement as we’re super excited to grow this blog and it’s going to be a very Brite and Bubbly future with this new name and 100% lifestyle driven focus for the blog.

I hope you all will follow along with me as we embark on this journey for bigger and better things. It’s going to be the same great Crafts, DIY, Recipes, Party and Dinner Decor, and Entertainment Coverage you love getting here but with a whole new name for the blog!

I’ve got the Brite and Bubbly dream home studio ready to go for 2015!


We’re working on some amazing things and we can’t wait to share them with you!


I love my space and it’s really inspiring me to do so many amazing things.


Get ready for some awesome and creative crafts and DIY ideas coming your way in 2015. If you want to tour the Brite and Bubbly Studio and you missed my post you can check it out HERE. It’s my paradise at home!


Here’s to an amazing colorful, fantastic, Brite & Bubbly year!


I can’t wait for the relaunch and I hope you’ll enjoy the new site and all we have to bring you in 2015! This Cake says it all! YAY!!!!


It’s going to be an amazing year! I’ll never forget “The Queen of Swag” and all that I accomplished during my reign. I’m sad to step down from the throne, but I’m more of a Brite & Bubbly person who’d rather be a confetti throwing, donut eating, pineapple loving princess than a queen anyway.  Thanks so all of my followers who have loved “The Queen of Swag” all these years and I’m sure you’ll love Brite & Bubbly as well!

Thanks for following me for all these years and I look forward to all the years we have together to come with BriteandBubbly.com! You have a few months left of the Queen and in March we will relauch!

Happy New Year and thanks again for the support!