Amazing Awards Night Party with and Freschetta!

Hey All,

I just had to share with you the joy that I get to be the hostess with the mostess once again with!  Thanks to House Party I’m having my very own Oscar Awards Night Party with Freschetta Pizza!

I am so excited to share that special night with all our closest friends and House Party. We love watching the Oscars every year and this year it will be even more special because I get to incorporate some amazing Freschetta Pizza for my guests.

If you don’t know what House Party is then let me tell you…House Party lets people who really love a certain product host a special event featuring a fun, free, exclusive experience sponsored by some of the world’s leading brands. You can host A House Party along with thousands of other parties happening across the country on a single day and it’s hosted by people just like me and you. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool–like a new product, hit TV show, or great cause–that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends.

I was Lucky and soooo excited to be selected to host this amazing Freschetta Oscar Night Party! I am all set with food, decorations, and party favors for this Oscar Night House Party!

I got these amazing Oscar chocolates made from to include in my goodie bags for my guests…

How amazing are they? So Amazing! I also went to Party City and got these amazing party candy mints with cameras on the wrapper to put in the goodie bags along with the Freschetta Stainless Steal Pizza Cutters and Coupons all my guests will be getting in their goodie bags.

I also got some gold utensils and movie popcorn boxes to serve popcorn to my guests to snack on.

I got the papparzi, vip entrance, and celebrity police tape to keep the papparazi away from my fabulous guests. Since everyone is getting treated like a star at my house party.

I got a whole bunch of decorations that are movie themed as well.

As you can see we get very excited for the Oscars in my home, so this Freshetta House party was a perfect fit for me and my family.

I’ve got all the snacks ready to go and I’ll even be serving them with some gold nails in honor of that amazing Gold statue.

A big thanks to House Party and Freschetta for making this years Oscar bash a spectacular event!

It’s such an amazing experience to host one of these parties! Me and my family and friends have best times holding our parties. Once you’ve had your party you just simply upload photos and videos from your party onto your party page that House Party gives you and you and your guests fill out a survey to talk about your experience at the party. It’s all very simple and it helps the sponsor and house party better their services and products.

I LOVE Hosting parties for House Party!

They currently have some amazing parties coming up that you too can apply for like this upcoming Clorox Green Works party!

I know I applied for this Party as soon as the application went live since I’m a hugeeeee fan of the Clorox Green works products.

They are such affordable natural cleaners. I’ve got everything from the bathroom and toilet cleaners to the wipes the natural cleaners. I would LOVE to host this party. I have been using these products since they came out and I only apply for parties for brands I truly love and use. And I love Green Works. It keeps my house clean in a natural way which is so much better for me and my family and the environment. You can apply too at

Another product I also love and applied to host a party for is Bare Minerals! I have used Bare Minerals for years! It changed my life and skin since it’s the only make up that doesn’t clog my pores. I would love to host this party as it’s a product I use literally every day for myself.

They have so many great parties you can apply for! Or a DiGiorno Hoops Party. There are lots of great parties you can apply to on their site that you need to check out.

So hurry up and apply to host a House Party for the brands you love!

House Party has made being a hostess such an amazing experience for me and my family and friends. I’m sure you will have the same experience. Thank you house party for all the parties I’ve hosted thus far and for all the exciting opportunities to come in the future. Fingers crossed!

Good luck to all who apply for these or any parties on

Wish me luck too and thanks so much for allowing me to share my excitement of my Oscar party and love of House Party with you.

And Thanks again for following my blog.

***Disclosure: I was not contacted to post this about House Party. I only share this information for my readers to benefit and know about this amazing site.***