Birthday Fun In A Toyota Prius V!


Hey All!

Thanks to the kind folks at Toyota I had the amazing opportunity to get a Prius V for my birthday to ride around town in. I joke around and say it’s the Prius Vanessa.


Well it kind of was since you can have a name plate made for your car and name your car! It’s another cool thing you can do with your Toyota. You can get your custom name plate HERE.  I unfortunately couldn’t stick my name on this beautiful Prius V as I had to return it to Toyota, but I’ve got it stored away for the day that I can get an amazing Prius V of my own.


It’s got so many amazing features like ECO mode which helps you to save gas.


It’s also very specious all around the driver and side passenger seat.


It has a push button start and park button which was awesome.


And lets not forget the navigation and stereo system that were out of this world.


There was also enough room to fit my Flux Capacitor phone charger easily. Yes I’m a nerd!


On this birthday adventure I took my Prius V all around town. I took it to the MAX AND MORITZ A not so general store here in LA.


I also took it to the Shop Pop up shop which was AMAZING!


I did a lot of shopping at Shop to say the least.


I piled the family into the car and took them off to Disneyland!


I barely wasted any gas on all these trips.


Who wouldn’t want to spend their birthday at Disneyland? I know I do and I do it every year!


The castle looks amazing this time of year.


We all had a blast and we all couldn’t have made it if we didn’t all fit inside our awesome Prius V!


The next day we took it on a Birthday donut crawl around LA. This is when you visit a bunch of donut shops around LA in one day. You can see my Prius V off to the side in red waiting for me as I made a pit stop at some candy shops.


I had to stop at Sockerbit NYC….


And at Dylan’s Candy Bar!


Being that I’m from NYC, Both these shops bring back great memories off all the time I spent in them when I was back in NYC.


Our first stop on the donut crawl was California Donuts.


They make the most amazing donuts. They are world famous for their unique creations.


Their most popular donuts are the panda and the lucky charms.


The Happy B-Day Hon Donuts my husband got me from California Donuts were beyond amazing!


We then stopped at Fonuts and got a free donut for my birthday.


They make amazing baked donuts.


We stopped at a few more donut shops and ended the crawl at my home away from home Dunkin’ Donuts.


I have been dreaming of a Dunkin’ Donuts to come to LA for years as I grew up going to them in NYC. My dreams came true on my birthday as they opened one just in time to celebrate my birthday.


I picked up some tasty treats and a donut ornament of course.


In the evening we finished my birthday festivities with dinner at Bottega Louie.

IMG_0941 (1)

It’s one of my favorite restaurants in LA and they have the MOST AMAZING DESSERTS and drinks.


The food is pretty amazing as well.


Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their birthday with a giant cream puff? I loved it!


I really had the best time every driving around town in my fabulous Prius V. We did all of that and still returned it with a half a tank of gas. We never once had to fill the tank.

It really is the most fuel efficient and fabulous hybrid vehicle you can get. I loved my time with the Prius V and I can’t wait to get my own one day!