Celebrating Walk to Work Day With My Sock-Free Saviors!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Foot Petals. All opinions are 100% mine.

Foot Petals Sock-Free Savior insoles

Hey All!

As many of you know, I work from home in my Brite & Bubbly home studio. Now…because I work from home, that doesn’t mean I don’t walk to work. My walking to work is just a little different than most people. My walking for work consists of walking to meetings, Party City or various fun stores every week to pick up supplies for posts and projects for the blog. That’s one reason why I dress up every day for work. Who says you can’t still dress up for work if you work from home? I love to dress up in all my fun silver flats. I never know when I’ll have a last minute meeting or have to run out for some last minute supplies. Thankfully, I never have to worry about how much I’m walking and if my feet will be hurting by the end of the day, because I have some new Foot Petals Sock-free Saviors foot cushions in my shoes. I also have to confess, I hate wearing socks! Luckily, I live in sunny California where I can go commando in my shoes almost every day of the year. I also don’t have to worry about my shoes getting smelly from not using socks, because I have my Sock-Free Saviors.

new Foot Petals Sock-Free Savior insoles

These shoe cushions are made of materials that have odor fighting properties. They prevent odor with their long-lasting antimicrobial protection. They are also ventilated to keep my feet cool and dry. My Sock-Free Saviors are really a god send. They keep my shoes from getting funky and they keep my feet comfortable as I run around town for the blog.

Wedding Shoes Walk

I actually love love love the Foot Petals brand in general. I have been using them for some time and I even used them on my wedding day, because my shoes were a little big on me and I wanted to make sure I was comfortable on my special day.

Back new Foot Petals Sock-Free Savior insoles

These sole cushions are so easy to use and you simple have to cut them down to size. There is an easy grid to follow on the back of the insole, so you know you’re cutting them down to the correct size.

Insoles Cutting

I’m a size 5 1/2 to 6 in shoes, so obviously I’m a size small. I simply following the small size outline and cut them down to size.

Foot Petals Sock-Free Savior insoles In Shoes Close Up

I put them in my shoes and I’m ready to hit the town! The premium PORON® cushioning absorbs shock for all day comfort. My little feet feel great all day long with these babies in my shoes! They are also perfect for sneakers, flats, boots or any closed-toe shoes. You can also wash them in a gentle machine wash on cold, but be sure to not use bleach and dry them flat!

Foot Petals Sock-Free Savior insoles In Shoes

On National Walk to Work Day (which took place on on April 1st), I had a brunch meeting and my new Foot Petals Sock-free Saviors sole cushions made sure my feet were comfortable every step of the way!

Foot Petals Sock-Free Savior insoles

For more info about the new Foot Petals Sock-Free Savior sole cushions follow the Foot Petals Facebook account and check out this video below!

If you’re looking for a way to keep your tootsies comfortable as you run around for work all day, I highly recommend you check out Foot Petals Sock-free Saviors foot cushions!

Work Shoes Walk

My feet and shoes thank me for it every day! Yes, I love and talk to my shoes! Don’t judge me. I have a major silver shoe obsession at the moment in case you couldn’t tell.

Thanks for supporting the brands that make this site possible and happy belated National Walk to Work Day!

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