Chatting With The Very Funny Judy Greer On The Set Of Marvel’s Ant-Man!

Judy Greer

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This week I’ve hit you with a lot of awesome interviews and info from my visit to the set of Marvel’s Ant-Man last November. You’ve read about Paul Rudd’s experience as Ant-Man and you’ve read about Peyton Reed on how he’s bringing the film to the big screen. Now it’s time to share our interview with the ever so funny Judy Greer! You may know her at the moment in the smash hit film Jurassic World! She plays Bryce Dallas Howard’s sister in that film. In Ant-Man she plays the Mom of Cassie Lang. Cassie is the  daughter of Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man) and they co-parent her together in the film. It’s one of the first Marvel or superhero films to showcase a family that is trying to work together to co-parent a child. I think that’s going to hit a personal cord with many families who see this film.

We of course started our chat off with wanting to know how she became involved with the project.


“The old-fashioned way.  I just auditioned. I did get the part like within I think less than 24 hours, which for a movie audition is very rare. Usually TV happens really fast. But for films, and especially a film like this scale. There’s so many producers and studio executives that it usually has like a lot of people it has to go through. I found out like the next morning. That was my first audition in a really long time beause I’d been working a lot. I was feeling pretty good about myself. I’m not gonna lie.”

Since the auditioning process is usually very secretive for Marvel films we of course wanted to know if she knew what she was auditioning for?

“I knew, but I wasn’t allowed to read the script ahead of time.I knew the movie and like Paul was in it.”

We then moved on to why did she want to audition for it and if she was a comic book fan.

“I love Peyton Reed. There was another director attached to it before whose name I totally forget, which is bad. But I was really excited to work with Peyton because he’s I think really funny. I think what some of these super hero movies lack is like a genuine sense of comedy in them. I think that the serious super hero movies are great for like the super fans.

But it’s the comedy that’s going to keep us interested in them when we’re watching them over and over with our kids. You know, like Guardians of the Galaxy was so funny. I would watch that a bunch if it was on television. And you know how kids just watch the same thing over and over and over. I’m like we have seen this episode of Good Luck Charlie so many times. I was excited about the comedy and with Paul being Ant-Man I knew it was gonna be funny.”

She was a little hesistant to say her thoughts on comic so we assured her it was a safe place and she could be honest.

“I think comic books are great. I love the idea of them. I’m not a big comic book person. Like my agent as a start gift bought me a giant really beautiful hard cover coffee table book about Marvel comic book heroes. He was like brush up. It’s not my genre of choice. I’m a Rom-Com girl. But I think that this one’s gonna be good. And I think super hero movies are great because they do teach a really good lesson to all of us.”

We then asked her to tell us a little about her role in the film.

“I play Scott Lang (who’s Paul Rudd’s character) ex-wife. We’ve sort of established that in our relationship when I got pregnant we were gonna kinda live the straight normal lives. Basically we were married when we were really young. Scott Lang’s character is extremely intelligent and able to do kind of like I don’t know like cyber law breaking. When I got pregnant I asked him to stop. And he didn’t. And he ended up getting arrested and going to jail. So we got a divorce and I had our baby. Well, I already had the baby. But we got a divorce. I then met Jim Paxton, Bobby Cannavale’s character and we’re engaged. So our relationship is good but we’re not married anymore. I think we had a really amicable divorce. So we’re friendly. And I want him to see his daughter. And I want him to have custody. And I want that stuff most moms want for my daughter. But he can’t put her in danger anymore, which is what he I felt was doing by breaking the law when she was a baby. So that’s my role. I’m like you have to get a job and be responsible. And he’s like, ugh!”

Lastly we wanted to know it’s like to be in a Marvel movie. It’s probably every persons dream!

“I don’t know. It’s really fun to be here. I can tell you that. Like it’s just been such an easy job because everyone’s nice and cool. And it just seems like we have time to figure out the material. And again, I’m not in like stunty super heroey scenes. So that might be a different answer. But for my scenes, they’re more acty and more about like inner personal relationships. I feel like they’re giving us a lot of space and a lot of time to figure those out. And I really like that. But it’s also really fun because the combination of Peyton and Paul Rudd and Bobby Cannavale is awesome. They’re really funny.”

It was so fun to chat with her on the set of Ant-Man! I can’t wait to see this film and all the adorable scenes she’ll have with her daughter.

Stay tuned for my post about our visit to the Ant-Man costume department coming soon. This is where I had the once in the lifetime opportunity to put on the Ant-Man helmet! I was like the 7th person in the world to put it on. I totally geeked out and almost fainted.

Ant-Man Mask

Stay tuned for all the details on that epic experience coming Friday!


Lots more Ant-Man fun coming your way folks!

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