Early Ending Giveaways!

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to say I’m  very sorry if you noticed some of my giveaways closed early. I was supposed to have some open until the 15th, but I unfortunately have to be hospitalized today to get a cyst removed to make sure I don’t have cancer and since I don’t know when I am getting out of the Hospital this week and I need to have winners in to the sponsors by this week, I closed the giveaways a day early to ensure that my winners get their prizes before Christmas. I changed all the giveaways that closed early to reflect this so there is no confusion.

The sponsors want winners info for their records asap and I hope you all understand. My giveaways usually ALWAYS stay open until the day that I state on the giveaway but due to this emergency I closed those giveaways early.

There are still a few more giveaways open under my giveaways section here that you can still enter:


Just wanted to explain just in case anyone was confused.