COVERGIRL AND RALPHS! MY HAUL! #review #CleverCoverGirl

Thank you to Kroger and CoverGirl for sponsoring this review. While CoverGirl provided me with a $30 gift card to purchase CoverGirl products at Kroger stores, the opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own, represent my honest viewpoint, and not that of CoverGirl, Kroger, or Proctor & Gamble. I am making no claims about the products, just expressing my thoughtful opinion. Clever Girls Collective supports Blog With Integrity.

Hi All!

So I love shopping at my local Ralph’s which is part of the Kroger grocery chain of stores. They have everything I need from food to cosmetics! I recently got the opportunity to have my own little shopping spree to buy some CoverGirl cosmetics! I was so excited to get this opportunity! I mean who wouldn’t want to go on a make up shopping spree.

I planned my day accordingly and made sure to get products I know I will use and that I need.  I know I needed some new mascara, lip balm, and eye shadow. I like to get eye shadows that compliment the color in my eyes so that they pop more.

I also needed some make up remover but I wasn’t sure if they would have some CoverGirl make up remover. I put it down on my list just in case they did.

I went in the early afternoon to the Ralph’s near me and I went to the cosmetics section of the store. I asked an associate working there if she could help me pick out a color eye show and she pleasantly helped me pick out a great brown and gold palette of colors for my eyeshadows. Number 260 eyeshadows to be exact.

I then found out that they do have their own make up remover and I got a CoverGirl Clean make up remover bottle to take that eyeshadow off after I use it. I also got a Professional Natural Lash Clear 800 mascara so it will look like I don’t have mascara on with some clear mascara on. I think it’s amazing since I have never used clear mascara before. I don’t know why I have not ever used it before, but I am super happy to start using it and try it.

I also got a Tinted Lip Balm in the color called Cutie number 150 and the color is soooo pretty and I love the way it makes my lips look. It moisturizes my lips and gives them a hint of color as well.

I love all the products I got. I was also very pleased with the help I got at my Ralph’s and I really do love my CoverGirl Cosmetics! Yes I said it again. They make me look amazing and they work so well.

Thanks so much CoverGirl and Ralph’s!