Did We Get Any Spoilers From The Cast of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War?

Hey All!

The answer to that question would be a big NO! I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War press junket and it was by far one of the most fun press events I’ve ever been to. In attendance was the biggest cast and filmmakers in the history of ever at a press junket; Dave Bautista (“Drax”), Paul Bettany (“Vision”), Chadwick Boseman (“T’Challa / Black Panther”), Josh Brolin (“Thanos”), Don Cheadle (“James Rhodes / War Machine”), Benedict Cumberbatch (“Dr Stephen Strange”), Robert Downey Jr. (“Tony Stark / Iron Man”), Winston Duke (“M’Baku”),  Danai Gurira (“Okoye”), Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”),  Tom Hiddleston “Loki”), Tom Holland (“Peter Parker / Spider-Man”), Scarlett Johansson (“Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow”), Pom Klementieff (“Mantis”), Anthony Mackie (“Sam Wilson / Falcon”),  Elizabeth Olsen (“Wanda Maximoff / Scarlett Witch”), Chris Pratt (“Peter Quill / Star-Lord”), Mark Ruffalo (“Bruce Banner / The Hulk”), Zoe Saldana (“Gamora”), Sebastian Stan (“Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier”), Letitia Wright (“Shuri”), Director Anthony Russo, Director Joe Russo, and Producer Kevin Feige!

Sure no one spilled the beans on anything, nor did anyone really answer any questions, but the whole junket was moderated by the one and only Jeff Goldblum, who is the bestest of the best.

He did it bingo style in which he pulled out a name of each person attending and then asked us who wanted to ask a question of that person. He would call on you and you would ask your question. It was by far the most fun way to moderate a press junket. Jeff is HILARIOUS! I love him soooooo much!

Here are some tidbits from what happened and what was said at the junket.

Robert Downey Jr. declared Black Panther was better than Iron Mane.

Scarlett Johansson strutted her stuff and made fun of the fact she was asked about her characters fashion sense.

Dave Bautista complained about Drax’s sensitive nipples and wants a different costume for Drax at least one.

Anthony Mackie declared that he can excite anyone in 30 seconds.

Chris Pratt shared how he likes to bass fish instead of answering a question. Yes folks… Bass fish! He even went into the hooks he uses to fish.

Denai Gurira said she would love to see an all women of Marvel movie made. And Elizabeth Olsen agreed.

Sebastain Stan said we do see a little of old Bucky in this film, because he finally smiles again!

Chadwick Boseman clarified that this is NOT Black Panther 1.5 and that this film is an Avengers movie.

Zoe Saldana shared how she loves the diversity of the Marvel Studios universe and how it’s opening the door to more, so her kids can be proud to see someone who looks like them on the screen.

Chris Hemsworth joked around that it was so difficult to work with everyone there and now he’s sticking to his own movies.

Josh Brolin shared he didn’t do his job well if he looked impressed by anyone and that Anthony Mackie excites him in 25 seconds. And Anthony Mackie is Thanos weakness.

Tom Holland shared that his costume was digitally created and he had no idea what it did and can’t wait to see it in action in the film.

Mark Ruffalo shared he doesn’t like to preach to everyone about being green, pun intended. He’s very eco-friendly and drives a Prius.

Kevin Feige shared that he always go back to the comics to be inspired and work on any movies Marvel creates. They take scenes and even dialog from the comics.

I got to ask one question toe the Russo’s and I wanted to know if we will see Agent Phil Coulson finally return to the movies and see the Avengers again! I didn’t think that would spoil anything, but apparently they thought it would because they didn’t answer. Here is what they did say:

Director Anthony Russo

When we started working on this movie, we took every character who has ever been in a Marvel movie and worked for months and months to see how we could incorporate each character and where we could go for each character. We thought about the story and how each one of these characters played by the actors on this stage has each been on their own very specific story and journey through the MCU to arrive at this moment. It was a long creative process to see where we could take this story and how we could divide up the characters in very specific ways. It was one of the most fun creative exercises I’ve ever done. We sat in a room for months and months telling each other stories about these characters, which 99% didn’t make it to the movie. I’ll say that was our process and we thought about everyone in the MCU and how they could play a role in this movie and the story moving forward. So starting tomorrow you will see the movie!

Director Joe Russo followed up by joking they rigged everyones chairs with an electro shocker and he was ready to zap his brother if he spoiled anything.

And that’s just a taste of just some of the fun that was said at this awesome press junket! They also had some fun props and products on display at the junket. Like the Infinity Gauntlet!

Thanks so much to Marvel for having me and I can’t tell you how much fun I had and how much I loved this movie! Yes folks I’ve seen it and it’s awesome!

Run out and get your tickets now!

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR opens in theaters everywhere on April 27th!