Disney Pictureka! Perfect Family Game to Gift for the Holidays! Happy Holidays Gift Guide Feature!

Hey All!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday! I love the holidays since I get together with all our family and friends. Everyone makes a point to take time off to see each other and one thing my family and the one thing we love to do at these Holiday get together’s is play board games! My family loves their New Disney PICTUREKA! game.

You can now play PICTUREKA! with all your favorite Disney characters! If you don’t know what PICTUREKA! is…it’s a game that makes you find pictures to win the cards. Collect enough cards to win and become a PICTUREKA! champ! You can play PICTUREKA! Disney Edition on it’s own, or combine it with standard PICTUREKA! for double the fun!

This version of the game includes 12 Disney game titles, 1 die, 55 mission cards, a sand timer, and instructions.  It’s ideal for Two or more players and is appropriate for Ages 6 and up.

My family and I instantly fell in love with this game! It is perfect to bring with you when you’re visiting family, like we just did on our trip to NYC this year. We are so glad we bought this fun game with us so we can share it with the rest of my family.

We are also Huge Disney fans.  I’m not joking. I have a rolling kitchen island that is from Disney Living and it’s white and has Mickey mouse head cut out in the drawer that holds my oven mitts and I have Mickey appliances and tea pots. 

I even have a Mickey Ipad case for God sake! We are Disney Fanatics in my home! I kid you not! We even have annual passes to Disneyland and we made sure to go to Disneyland for the Holidays before we left to New York!

We have seen probably every DISNEY movie ever made and that comes out.  I mean Everything! We recently saw Tron Legacy and Tangled the night they came out and both were AMAZING by the way and we probably own every Disney movie ever made too. It’s terrible I know. I digress…

So when I had the opportunity to review this fantastic game I jumped at the chance and it’s been a great addition to the other Disney games we have at home! I’m so grateful to have had this amazing opportunity come my way.

This game is different and frankly amazing since it can help develop your child’s ability to practice the process of elimination quickly and build their observation skills as they look for something that needs to be found in the game.  The idea of this game is to locate a card and you have to be the first one to find it on the board.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds, sometimes you will have to switch the boards place or turn them upside-down and there’s images on both side which place the challenge for you to find the cards you need.  It’s a great game to get your children thinking!

Tinker bell is one of my favorite Disney characters and I love how she’s depicted in the game. You can see her yanking on a rope in the picture above! The pictures on this game are adorable.

I also like that you can play this game with anyone in your family, young and old. You can play an easier version with younger kid and you can also mix this game with the regular PICTUREKA! and have more fun for the whole family.  It’s truly a perfect game to play with your family and friends this Holiday Season!

I highly recommend PICTUREKA! Disney Edition for you and your family. It will make a great gift for your family or for any family or for child you know that loves playing board games.  I guarantee you will have fun and love it just as much as my family and I do!

PICTUREKA! Disney Edition is available on Amazon.com or at a Target or toy store near you!

**Disclaimer: I received Pictureka! Disney Edition for review for this feature. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this feature post.***


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