DIY Emoji Sparkle Heart Lollipop Valentines + Free Printable!

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DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentine's + Free Printable

Hey All!

We’re keeping the Valentine’s Day post train going with these beyond fun and super adorable DIY Emoji Sparkle Heart Lollipop Valentines + Free Printables. 💖 They are part of a fun series of collaborations with the amazing Designer & Illustrator Jade Boylan! I absolutely adore Jade and jumped at the chance to collaborate with her for Valentine’s Day.  We came up with these incredible fun and easy to make printable Valentines that are perfect for both adults and kids.

Here is all you’ll need to make these awesome Valentines.

DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentine Printable


  • This Free Printable Emoji Sparkle Heart Sheet Below. You can DOWNLOAD IT BY CLICKING HERE or BY CLICKING ON THE IMAGE BELOW.


  • These Emoji Lollipops which you can find HERE and HERE.

Emoji Lollipops


First you print out your emoji sparkle heart print. You can print out as many hearts as you’d like to make Valentines for.

DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentine Step 1

Once you cut out all your hearts carefully, you use your X-Acto knife to cut two slits on the side of the sparkle heart that has an empty space of pink.

DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentine Step 2

This is the slit in which you will slide your emoji lollipop into. Once you slide the lollipops into your sparkle hearts, you’re done. You can hand them out to your gal pals or special some. We made each heart have a phrase that matches each emoji face. Like the heart eyes love emoji lollipop goes with the “I only have eyes for you” heart.

DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentine Step 3

We paired the wink with Happy Valentine’s Day.

DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentine

I’m pretty much obsessed with the emoji eyes Valentine. I think it’s beyond cute! You can make it with large pops like this one or smaller pops like you see below.

DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentines

The “You make me LOL” one is my second favorite. 😂 All these lollipops come individually wrapped and ready to slipped into an emoji sparkle heart Valentine to be handed out.

Printable DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentines

I mean, how cute are these folks? Too cute!

Cute DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentines

It’s such a fun and simple DIY Valentine that anyone who gets one will surely enjoy. Who doesn’t love an adorable emoji lollipop? I know I do! I’d be over the moon if I got one of these for Valentine’s Day! 😍

DIY Emoji Lollipop Heart Valentine's

Stay tuned for more fun Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day DIY’s coming your way! We have more amazing printables and collaborations with Jade coming for Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day!

In the mean time join Jade’s Girl Gang at You’ll thank me when you do!

And check out her amazing designs and work at She also has her own Etsy shop where she sells some amazing pins if you want to up your #PinGame!


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