DIY Hocus Pocus Themed Halloween Tree!

Hey All!

I’m super excited to finally share my first ever Halloween Tree! I partnered with Treetopia to join an ensemble of DIY royalty to celebrate the spookiest time of the year with a bunch of fun craft ideas for Halloween. It’s a weeklong DIY-fest that kicked off yesterday and end on Friday the 13th (October 13). Since I’ve always been obsessed with the best Halloween movie ever Hocus Pocus and it’s come back with a vengeance this year, I decided to make a Halloween tree that was Hocus Pocus themed and show you all how I made it! I love how it turned out and I’m proud of my first ever Halloween tree! I know you’re going to love it too! I now present to you my awesome DIY Hocus Pocus Themed Halloween Tree!

The Hocus Pocus gang is all here and there is plenty of bubbly spooky fun going on in this tree. The ornaments even look like bubbles from a magic potion and fit in perfectly. If you want to make yourself a Halloween tree, Treetopia is offering my fabulous readers this special 15% Discount Coupon Code: TTHWDIYQ17B. You can use it to snag the same tree I got or one of their other amazing colorful trees, which you can check out HERE! Please note that the code is good for October 9-27, 2017 ONLY, so get to using the code quick! I’ve got my eye on the rainbow tree and by god it will be mine for my Christmas tree! It’s going to be a rainbow Christmas folks! I digress…

To make this Hocus Pocus Halloween tree you’ll need:

First you’ll buy and download your Hocus Pocus clipart. I edited the colors on my clip art in Photoshop, so the ornaments came out brighter. I printed the clip art onto my plastic shrink wrap paper.

I then punched a hole with my hole puncher at the top of each piece. I then placed each piece in the oven at 375 degrees for 2-3 minutes until the pieces shrunk down to size. I pulled them out, flattened them down with my oven-mitt if I needed to, and let them cool completely. I then cut some of the thin ribbon and pulled it through the whole I made on the Hocus Pocus ornament piece at the top. I tied the ribbon and that’s it! You have yourself some Hocus Pocus themed ornaments for your tree!

We’ve got the witches aka the Sanderson sisters…



And Mary!

We’ve got Winnie’s spell book!

We’ve got Mister Binx the black cat…

And some Hocus Pocus round circle ornaments.

I added in some glitter mini pumpkins…

And some mini witch hats as accents for the tree.

I also put wide purple ribbon and purple polka dot ribbon around the tree in three sections going up the tree.

I placed the Hocus Pocus ornaments all on the tree with my round ball ornaments.

I finished the tree off with an inflatable spider I got at the 99 cents store, which you can feel free to leave off if you’d like.

For a tree topper, I placed a pink glitter witch hat on top! I think it was the perfect way to top off the tree. I added some black spotted fabric to the base of the tree to make a tree skirt. I also added other fun Halloween accents to decorate the bottom of the tree.

To make it really Hocus Pocus themed, I added a chalk board that says “Do not light candle!” on it. I printed a black flame candle onto printable stick on vinyl and cut it out. I stuck it on top of where the chalk board was hanging and added some spider web.

And that’s how I put together my awesome Hocus Pocus themed Halloween tree!

Let me not forget to mention I even have some Hocus Pocus themed confetti to toss around our tree as I celebrate on Halloween! It’s all in the details folks!

I hope you love our Hocus Pocus themed Halloween tree as much as I do!

Thanks so much to Treetopia for including us in this amazing collaboration with these amazing Halloween Queens you see below.

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