DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons!

DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons Main

Hey All!

Summer is still in full effect for me and nothing says summer like ice cream and pool floats. Am I right? Since I sadly don’t have my own pool, I thought I would let my imagination run wild and make my own little edible mini pool party thanks to the amazing folks at Pocky. I made some little DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons! That’s right folks, they are a pool float twist on those ice cream finger foods we all grew up loving. Except these are better! They bring together all of my favorite things for summer- Pool Floats, Ice Cream, and Pocky! They have strawberry cream and chocolate banana Pocky inside to be exact. Yummy! I know.

Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons

Of course I’ll share the Pocky Pool Float Bon Bons love, by showing how to make these babies. They are semi easy to make. The hardest part is making the details on the pool floats.

Here’s what you’ll need to make these!


  • Strawberry Cream and Chocolate Banana Pocky.
  • These White Chocolate Candy Melts. (This chocolate you can add candy coloring to in order to get it to match your fondant color).
  • Chocolate Candy Coloring in Pink and Red.
  • Hot Pink and White Fondant (Only for the heads of the pool floats and the unicorn tails. The wings and everything else is chocolate or food coloring markers).
  • 2 of This Silicone Mini Donut Mold.
  • Food Coloring Markers.
  • Gold Food Coloring Spray.
  • 3 New Small Paint Brush. (1 for your white chocolate, 1 for your pink chocolate, and 1 to brush on the gold food coloring onto your unicorn horns)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream or what ever flavor you’d like.
  • Parchment paper
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Pastry Bags


Here is how you make them! First you melt your white chocolate in microwave safe cups. I used about 5 cups of this chocolate to make about 10 bon bons. Once your chocolate is smooth and completely melted you devide it into two cups. One for your white chocolate pieces (aka the chocolate for your swan and unicorn pool floats) and the other to add your pink and red candy coloring to for your flamingo pool floats. You add your pink candy coloring to the chocolate. You add a few drops of the red candy coloring in as well. This gives it the same hot pink color of your already made fondant. You can add enough candy coloring until you reach the right color pink.

You then brush your white chocolate into one of your mini donut molds and do the same with the pink chocolate into your other mold. You’ll only brush the sides and some of the inside of the mold. You making like a donut shell in which you can put your Pocky and ice cream inside.

Let the chocolate donuts harden in the fridge. Once they are completely hardened, you then remove them from the molds and cut off any excess chocolate from the sides and centers. You’ll divide them into two donut shells per pool float. That will be two white for each unicorn and swan and two pink for each flamingo.

DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons Step 1

Next you break up your Pocky and put them inside your chocolate donuts. I put the strawberry cream inside the pink donut pieces because the flamingo pool floats are pink. DUH! LOL. I put a mix of the Chocolate Banana and Strawberry cream into the white donut pieces.

DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons Step 2

I then added my ice cream and put two halves of the donut pieces togehter. You then seal them shut with some more chocolate to close up the seam of the two donut halves. Once you’re done with making your donut bon bons, You then quickly put them into the freezer to keep your ice cream from melting. Save your left over chocolate from each color, as you’ll need it to assemble your bon bons.

You’ll then move onto making your chocolate wings for your flamingos and swans. You place some of your white chocolate and pink chocolate into pastry bags. Onto two separate pieces of parchment paper, pipe with your the shape of a thick comma to make the wings. That’s the best way I can describe it. The flamingo gets as upside down comma and the swan gets it the opposite way. Look at the final pictures of the pool float bon bons to see what I mean for their wing shapes.

DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons

Let your wings harden in the fridge as well and then move onto your fondant. Roll the shapes of your swan heads, unicorn hair, heads and tails, and flamingo heads. The unicorn hair and head can be stuck together so they harden as one piece. Leave those out over night so they harden. They should all be about 2 inches in length. No bigger. You can look at your chocolate donut mold to see how big your fondant pieces should be.

Once all your pieces are hardened over night, you then assemble your bon bons. Use some of that left over chocolate to glue each head, chocolate wing, and unicorn tail onto your donut bon bons. Since the bon bons are frozen the chocolate will instantly harden, so make sure you’re sticking each piece in the right spot! You only get one try!

Once you have all your pieces glues on and your pool floats are assembled, you then decorate the unicorns by coloring on their rainbow mane and tail and eyes. You also color on the swam and flamingo beaks and eyes.

Put them all back in the freezer. This keeps them hard and fresh for when you’re ready to eat them or serve them. Make sure they all are separate from each other, so none of the colors rub against each other and mess up your bon bons.

DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons Main 2

That’s it you’re done! And then you have yourself some adorable and delicious little Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons. Some flaming, unicorn, and swan pool floaties to be exact!

DIY Pocky Filled Flamingo Pool Float Bon Bons

DIY Pocky Filled Unicorn Pool Float Bon Bons

DIY Pocky Filled Swan Pool Float Bon Bons

You can get yourself a little pool party toy and serve them on it, like I did!

DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons Pool Party

This would be the perfect center piece for a pool party!

Pool Party Toys

She’s so ready to party! How cute are these toys! I love that she has a tan.

Party Girl

Who wouldn’t love to chew on some cold chocolately treats during a warm sunny day?! I know I do!

DIY Pocky Filled Unicorn Pool Float Bon Bons

If you serve them at a party, remember to not leave them out in the sun or they will melt.

Easy DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons

Your guests will totally thing you bought them in a store or that you’re the boss of tasty treats if you serve these at a pool party.

Yummy Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons

I’m so obsessed with them and I’m going to be munching on these for the rest of the summer!

DIY Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons Floaties

DIY Pocky Filled Pool Floaties Bon Bons

I’ll find myself a pool and blow up my unicorn pool float and munch on these babies. The best way to spend your warm summer days! Am I right?!

DIY-Pocky Filled Pool Float Bon Bons

Thanks so much to Pocky for inspiring me to make these amazing summer treats.

This post is brought to you by Pocky!


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