DIY Pound Puppy Inspired Costume!

Hey All!

Today I’m bringing you a little throwback costume, that’s actually a DIY costume I made and collaborated last year with my friend Erik Buikema on. I never got to share the costume or the post, since I wasn’t happy with how the costume photos came out. Since I give ZERO F’s this year, I figured I would share it with you this year since we did put in a lot of work into this costumes printable and production, so it should be seen even if the pics are not perfect. Check out our throwback DIY Pound Puppy Inspired Costume! It’s the simplest and easiest costume you can make for Halloween and if you loved Pound Puppies as much as I did when I was a kid, you’ll definitely want to make yourself this costume this year.

Yes, I put my own dog’s name on the collar!

Here is how to make it!

This is super simple to make, as I said before. You just download our free printable pieces and print the P&P butt label onto printable stick on vinyl. You’ll print the tag pieces onto the printable fabric. You’ll print the collar piece onto some white card stock.

You’ll cut out the P&P piece with your scissors and stick it onto the back left side of your dress.

You’ll cut out the tag from the printed on fabric and fold it in half. You can either glue it onto your dress or sew it on. Lastly you cut out a piece of brown fake fur and fold it in half to make a tail. You add some hot glue to the end of the fabric to keep the fabric folded and stiff at the top. You’ll then glue a bar pink back to the back of the tail. You’ll pin the tail between the tag and P&P design.

Next you’ll cut out the dog tag and strip. You’ll flip the strip piece over to make a hanging piece for your heart piece. You’ll glue both together and then pull your red chocker through it. Your dog tag is done.

Next you’ll cut out two pieces of brown fake fur in the shape of long floppy ears and glue them onto a brown headband. Let it dry completely and you’re done!

Don’t forget to make your grumpy face like the Pound Puppies used to have!

They were POUND PUPPIES, what puppy is happy in the pound? Not one! Hence their grumpy faces.

I loved them so much and had a million of them. This was a fun way to throw it back to my childhood.

I hope you enjoy this costume as much as I do and sorry the pics were not the best, but luckily I don’t change much in a year! These pics were taken last year as I said earlier.

I’m still happy I decided to share it, as I’m still proud of it no matter what the pics look like!

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