DIY Throwback Toy Pumpkins!

Hey All!

I’m hitting you with another Throwback Halloween DIY that I actually did last year, but wasn’t 100% happy with how the pics turned out. I re-edited the pics and figured I would share it anyway. Check out our DIY Throwback Toy Pumpkins! We’ve got a Gizmo inspired pumpkin and some Treasure Troll inspired pumpkins! I do love how my Gizmo pumpkin turned out. It’s the best!

That hair on the trolls is too much! Love it!

Here is how to make them!

First to make the trolls, you paint your tall pumpkins entirely tan. You let them dry completely and then you hot glue on a little more than half of an empty rapping paper roll to the top. This helps the hair stay standing up. Cut out a piece of pink and blue fur and cut out an area for the eyes and ears from the fur. Like you see below. You glue the fur to the roll with your hot glue gone and hold it up while the glue hardens.

Print out your troll faces onto the printable stick-on vinyl and cut out your faces and ears. Stick the front and back of the ears together leaving a small area open, Like some open flaps. Stick them onto each side of your pumpkins along with the faces and you’re done!

You’ll do the same for the pink and blue troll pumpkins!

To make the gizmo, you’ll paint half the pumpkin white and then let it dry. You’ll then paint almost the whole pumpkin brown, leaving one patch opened for his white eye area.

You’ll let the pumpkin dry completely. You’ll print out and cut out his mouth and eyes and stick them onto the pumpkin. Try your best to make it not wrinkle as much when you put it on. You’ll then cut out and fold two pieces of beige felt inwards to make the ears. You’ll stick the ears onto the pumpkin and you’re done!

They are pretty simple to make and they are so fun to look at. I know I love looking at my little Gizzy pumpkin as I still have him a year later!

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