DIY Valentine’s Day Emoji Piñata Gift Box!


Hey All!

We’re kicking off our Valentine’s Day posts early since the stores seem to think it’s Valentine’s Day already! How about a Valentine’s Day Emoji Piñata Gift Box for that special someone in your life? YES PLEASE! I got these emoji Valentine’s Day stickers and I was inspired to create this emoji themed Valentine’s Day idea.


You can fill it with some of your sweethearts favorite candies and or some of his or her favorite chocolates or you can paste a heart on the back with a to and from on it, fill our their name and make it one big Valentine. You can pair it with some emoji donuts from California Donuts and blow your Valentine away.  The possibilities are endless with a Valentine’s Day Emoji Piñata Gift Box!

To make this all you need is:

  • Cardboard
  • Brown Packaging tape
  • Red and Black Card stock
  • Tacky Glue or Regular Elmer’s Glue
  • Scissors
  • Fringing Scissors
  • Yellow Crepe Paper
  • Box Cutter or X-Acto Knife



This does take some time to make but it’s so worth it.

You first cut strips of the yellow crepe paper to cover the whole box. It’s about 30-40 strips. Fringe the edges of the strips with your fringe scissors. You then cut two circles from the cardboard and a long enough cardboard strip to wrap around the middle.

You then tape the cardboard together to create the Piñata Gift Box. Leave a space open in the cardboard so you can fill it with whatever candy or Valentine’s Day gifts you’d like to fill it with.


Glue the yellow fringe to the box. Cut around the edges of the box to make the fringe the round shape of the box with your regular scissors.


Cover all sides of the box with the fringe. Let it dry for about 30 minutes.


The you fold your red paper in half and cut out two hearts. Old school style I know.


Then from the black cardstock you cut out the mouth. None of this has to be perfect as it’s a DIY of course. Glue the heart eyes and mouth on to the Piñata Gift Box and that’s it you’re done! Woot.

Run out and get your Emoji donuts to celebrate and to give to your honey.


You can fill it with some heart sparklers or those Sparkler Valentine’s I made with these sparklers last year.


I’m sure who ever gets this Valentine’s Day Piñata Gift Box will go gaga over it. I know I would. And who wouldn’t love these donuts? They are amazing I know.


Such a cute smiley face.


Heart Sparklers are so perfect for Valentine’s Day.


I personally like Candy Hearts of all kinds for Valentine’s Day so be sure to fill this amazing Piñata Gift Box with your special someones favorite candies.


I also love taffy too! Who said Valentine’s Day had to only be chocolates? No sir.


I also filled mine with some Honey Comb mini balls to make it a little Valentine’s Day in a box.


Pink and red of course! And don’t forget the confetti if you’ve filled it with packaged candy.


This Valentine’s Day Emoji Piñata Gift Box makes me feel like this donut! It’s so awesome!


I hope you enjoy this fun DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea as much as I do.

Stay tuned for more fabulous crafts, recipes, and DIY’s coming your way for Valentine’s Day!