Donut Birthday Parties Are The Best!

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I’m always on the look out for inspiration and help in planning my next birthday party for the kids. There is one place that I visit often online and that is the Betty Crocker website. Betty Crocker is my go-to resource for birthday party planning guidance. Obviously I use a lot of Betty Crocker products and recipes from their sites for our parties as they are so fun and simple to do! They have the best DIY Birthday Ideas, How-to’s and “no fail” birthday ideas. Honestly, if I can pull off their ideas and recipes YOU can!

I love using their recipes as I always get the sense of “oh wow, I just pulled this off” after I do them. It’s feeling of being inspired to create and being comfortable in your own kitchen — whatever your skill level. I know my efforts are always going to pay off with no-fail ideas from Betty. I was lucky to receive this awesome Betty Crocker Kit to help with my nieces birthday party.

I knew I wanted to incorporate something my niece and I love into her upcoming birthday party and I thought why not make it a Donut Themed Party! I immediately took to the Betty Crocker Birthday Hub to see what fun Donut ideas they had.

I immediately found a Chocolate Doughnut Cupcake idea and some Baked Confetti Doughnuts. They say Doughnuts, I say Donuts as I’m from New York and that’s how I spell it.

I decided to take the Baked Confetti Doughnut idea and take it to a whole new level by making a Donut Cake along with the small confetti donuts. I also decided to make Blue Velvet Cupcakes for the Donut Cupcakes.

I started with the Donut Cake by simply following the instructions on my Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Cake mix box. I then poured the batter into my donut cake pans. I found this pan on Amazon. I didn’t pour all my batter into the pans as I wanted to save some for the small regular sized baked confetti donuts.

Once the cake was done I placed some of the rich and creamy chocolate frosting on the inside and pressed the both halves together to make my donut cake.

I frosted the outside and scattered some sprinkles on the top and added my long tapered candles. I like long candles as they are just fun to see!

Next I sprayed my donut pan with non-stick spray and poured the remaining batter into the pan.

I put them into the oven and pulled them out once they were golden and my tooth pick didn’t come out with any liquid batter.

For the donut icing I followed the icing instructions on the Baked Confetti Doughnuts recipe which is simply to take your Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting and some warm water and stir until it’s like a glaze. I added some pink food coloring to mine so they looked like little Homer Simpson donuts.

Add some sprinkles and the confetti donuts are done!

Aren’t they adorable and super festive for a birthday?

The Donut cupcakes came next. I decided to use another box of Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Cake mix instead of making chocolate cupcakes and we’re not big chocolate cake people. I also decided to add some blue food coloring and a hint of chocolate cocoa to the mix to make some blue velvet cupcakes. Besides the cake I followed everything from this Doughnut Cupcake recipe to make these cupcakes. They are the perfect addition to the donuts and cake.

Add a donut garland and some donut confetti and you have yourself one adorable Donut Themed Birthday Party!

I couldn’t have thought it up with out the inspiration and fabulous recipes I found on

I highly recommend you #GetYourBettyOn if you’re planning a kids birthday party any time soon! You’ll definitely find some “no fail” birthday ideas on their site.

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