Easy Christmas Ornament Piñata Cookie Recipe!

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Hey All!

Every year I get these Pillsbury Holiday Sugar Cookies and we usually just eat them by themselves. But this year I wanted to do something different! You all know I’m obsessed with Piñatas right? Well that also applies to Piñata Cookies! I’ve seen so many amazing recipes to make them but I thought to myself this would be a super quick way to make them using these ready made sugar cookies. Here is how I made my Easy Christmas Ornament Piñata Cookies.


To Make These Cookies You Will Need:

  • 2 Boxes of Pillsbury Sugar Cookies ( I got the tree cookies and snowman cookies)
  • Green and Red Icing
  • Icing Tips and Bags if your icing doesn’t come in a tube
  • 1 Inch round cookie cutter
  • Sprinkles, Candy, and whatever else you want to put inside them
  • Red and Green Gum Drops
  • Parchment Paper and Cookie Sheet

First you bake these cookies according to the box directions. They bake for about 7-8 minutes.

I had 5 rows of 3 cookies each on my cookie sheet. When they come out of the oven take your round cookie cutter and press them in the center of 5 of the cookies. This is to make the center cookie where you’ll hide your sprinkles and candy inside the cookie.


Let the cookies cool completely.


You then stack each 3 of the cookies which you will be turning into your Christmas Ornament Piñata Cookies.


First you take the bottom cookie and put some icing along the edge.


You stack the cookie with the hole in it on top of it. The icing will hold it in place. It’s almost like you’re making mini layered cakes.


You then get your sprinkles…


And candy to begin filling the cookies. I got these adorable gingerbread man sprinkles and some chocolate milkies from Sugarfina.


You begin to fill the cookies with the candy and sprinkles.


Make sure you cover up the hole. You then put another layer of icing on the edge and stack a cookie on top of it.


You then pipe some icing around the edge and add a gum drop at the top to make it look like a Christmas Ornament.


Cute and simple to make right? You then put them in your freezer for 10-15 minutes so the icing semi hardens so you can pick them up with out making a mess and eat them.


That’s it! You’re done!


It’s a super easy and simple delicious treat that you can make this holiday season!


You can pair them with some Hot Cocoa! I made the perfect Hot Cocoa recipe which you can find HERE!

If you don’t like the way the sugar cookies look on the ornament cookies you could also cover the entire cookie with icing to make the ornament and at a little sugar decoration like this snowflake seen below. It’s another way to make a simple Christmas Ornament Piñata Cookie!


Dig in and enjoy what surprises you find inside these delish cookies!


My family loves them and so do I!


I’m sure your guests will enjoy these if you make them this holiday season!

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Happy Holidays Everyone!



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