Easy DIY StickyGram Photo Tray Using Instagram Photos!

This post was sponsored by StickyGram. All Opinions are my own.

Hey All!

As you all know I’m obsessed with Instagram like so many people now-a-days. I love to print out and display my photos that I take on instagram as they are always such fun memories and pictures. I recently discovered a site called StickyGram and I’m obessed with them! They make magnets out of your instagram photos. Our refrigerator is filled with them! You simply visit the site, connect your Instagram account, create your sheet of 9 instagrams and order! They only cost $14.99 a sheet and it’s beyond simple to use. They also will deliver it for FREE anywhere in the world. Every StickyGram is hand checked by a member of Team StickyGram to ensure it leaves the factory in tip top condition. If you’re not totally happy with how your magnets came out, you can easily contact them and they will fix what ever the issue is or your money back.

With customer service like that, who wouldn’t love their service! You can see why I’m addicted to getting them made. Since our fridge is over flowing with StickyGram magnets, I decided to display them in a different and crafty way.

I decided to make a Instagram Photo Tray using my StickyGram Magnets. It’s super easy to make and all you need is a few items to make this fun craft.


You will need a plastic square tray! I used this Matzah square tray that I found for ten cents at a yard sale, but you can use any try you’d like. You will also need scissors, an X-Acto knife, crafts glue that dries clear, chevron print self-adhesive shelf liner paper, a foam disposable brush, and some mod podge to seal the photos. I also used some pink crafting paper just to have something over my table, so I wouldn’t mess up our table while crafting. If you have a crafting table you will not need this.


First you cut the chevron print self-adhesive shelf liner paper so that it will cover the entire tray. You can use the grid lines on the back of the liner paper to make sure you are cutting it to the right size.


You then cover the tray with the chevron print self-adhesive shelf liner paper. Try to put it on slowly on each size of the tray to avoid bubbles from forming. Use the X-Acto knife to cut the inner edges of the liner inside the tray so that they fit perfectly inside the inner part of the tray.

You then place the glue evenly inside the tray. I also used the brush to place some glue behind each individual StickyGram photo magnet as you can see below.


You stick each magnet onto the tray until it covers the entire inside of the tray. Lastly, you spread a very thin layer of Modpodge to seal the photos so the photos don’t get messed up when you put things on the tray. Let the tray fully dry for an hour and that’s it! You’re done!

final-stickygram-photo- tray

Isn’t this such a fun and cute way to display your Instagram Photos? I’m using my tray as a make up tray, but you can use this tray for what ever you’d like.


If you’d like to make your own StickyGram Tray using your own Instagram Photos visit StickyGram.com and use this 10% discount code QUEENOFSWAG10 to save on all the StickyGram magnets you will want to get! I used about 2 sheets in this craft, but if you have a larger tray you will probably need more!

And heck you can never have too many Stickygram magnets! The rest would surely look lovely on your fridge!

What DIY would you make with your StickyGram magnets?