Easy To Make DIY Shamrock Wands!

Hey All!

We’re starting to wrap up our Saint Patrick’s Day content with these fun and easy to make DIY Shamrock Wands! You and your kids will love making these fun wands. You’ll need to wave around something when you’re excited that you found that pot of gold. Ok… Pot of chocolate gold coins! If only I could find a pot of gold coins! Maybe this year I’ll get lucky.

Here is how to make them!

● Glitter foam shamrock craft shapes
● 12 inch wooden dowels
● Various green ribbons
● Glue
● Scissors
● Plastic gold coins
● Gold spray paint

First you spray paint! Go out to a well ventilated area and use gold spray paint to color your wooden dowels.

Once the dowels are dry, glue one to the back of each glitter foam shamrock craft shape.

Next you turn the wand over and glue a plastic gold coin to the center of each shamrock.

You then cut ribbons that are various shades of green to different lengths.

Lastly, you flip over the shamrock wand and glue the ribbons along the back of the shamrock so that they drape down.

That’s it! You’ve made yourself some fun and festive wands for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Hope you love this fun wand DIY as much as I do!

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