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How much do you know about your eyes and or your children’s eye care? Did you know one in four children have an undiagnosed vision problem that can interfere with the ability to read and learn? One in four is shocking isn’t it? Educating yourself and getting your children proper eye care, such as regular eye exams and proper eyewear, can help to prevent the development of common vision problems later in life.

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Transitions Lenses developed the “Eye Didn’t Know That” or in Spanish “Yo No Sabia Eso” website for parents and kids to learn proper eye care. The site is a fun and educational way for adults and kids alike to learn about the importance of healthy sight and how to maintain it.

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It’s so important to take care of your vision and the vision of your children. Can you even imagine what it would be like to not be able to see? Kid’s eyes especially need protection! In fact, children are more at risk of the eye-damaging effects of UV exposure than adults. The eye of a child under the age of ten allows more than six times the amount of UV light to penetrate than an adult’s eye! That’s shocking right! Keep sun glasses and those UV rays away from those young eyes. You’re children need healthy and happy eyes when they grow up. It’s great to start teaching your kids proper eye care at a young age, so they can grow up knowing the importance of proper eye care.

This fun “Eye Didn’t Know That” site is the perfect tool to help your kids learn. It also helps you to learn all the things you need to do and learn to maintain proper eye care for you and your family. There is an abundance of useful information in the Resource Center, as well as Family activities, games, coloring pages and other downloads. There is even a resource for Teachers if they’d like to teach their classes about proper eye care. Or you can share this site with your kids teachers so they can learn too!

I love that the site also comes in English and Spanish so there is no excuse to not learn about taking care of your eyes!


Transitions lenses are the #1 recommended adaptive lenses worldwide and are an the ideal everyday choice for healthy sight. They are clear indoors and at night, and outdoors, continuously adapt with every variation of light so you can consistently see your best. They enhance your vision by providing more clarity and better contrast, and reducing glare, eye fatigue and strain  for more effortless sight.

As I said, you have to make sure you’re keeping your eyes healthy by getting an eye exam regularly as it can help prevent vision loss.  To learn more about how to prevent vision loss visit the ADA’s (American Diabetes Association) website www.healthysightforlife.org. Diabetes has been linked to vision loss, so keep yourselves healthy!

We get our eye exams every year and we will be for as long as we can see! We need to even more since we discovered my Fiance’ has a freckle on his eye that needs to be monitored! Yikes!

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