Our First Hey Girl Hey!

Hey Girl Hey!

Welcome to my first “Hey Girl Hey!” series post, which I’ll be posting every Wednesday! It’s where I’ll be keeping it real with you guys, vent, share my thoughts of the week and what’s going on in my Brite & Bubbly world! I wanted to kick it off with a topic I’ve been hesitant to talk about since I didn’t want to come off too strong, bitter, jealous, or like I’m hating in any way. Words can be taken out of context, so I’m always very careful about what I say here on the blog and social media. But I’m just tired of feeling like I’m taking crazy pills, so I wanted to take today to chat about something I’m so over no one saying anything about. Silence has helped these people get away with murder and I’m over it! I’m also going to keep it real and get personal on this post, so please bear with me. Today’s topic is: Why is it that people can get away with murder (so to speak) because they have over 200k or just a lot of followers on Instagram?

I’m talking about people who literally have stalked other bloggers and influencers and content creators and essentially have stolen other peoples brand, style, content, and literally copy everything others do and have succeeded because of it. People who are praised by brands, conferences, magazines, websites and are making thousands for simply copying and trying to literally take someone elses life, personality, and brand. I feel like I’m the only one who notices these people! I also feel everyone is turning a blind eye to it simply because a person managed to get over 200k on instagram by doing all of the shady things mentioned above! First and foremost, I’m sure you’re going to be like how do you know they are copying and doing all of the above? Well my answer to that is, I’ve had first had experience with these kinds of people and it’s been done to me. Unfortunately since I only have 12k on instagram, no one bothers to notice. I just jumped on the instagram bandwagon late! Also people tend to look at my instagram numbers and think I’m some kind of newbie instead of a blogger and someone who has been doing social media for over 10 years. It’s BEYOND ANNOYING! I’ve helped MANY people succeed and grow their own blogs. I KNOW ALOT of people and I have seen it all. People are always surprised when they realize how many people I know and how long I’ve been around because people place sooooo much value on instagram now-a-days. It seems to essentially make everyone over look all the hard work bloggers have been doing for years! It’s super sad! I’m also not one who looks for drama or gossiping, so I tend to keep it all to myself.

I decided to share one story today to show you an example of the getting away with murder I’m talking about. There is one blogger who everyone loves at the moment and has over 200k on Instagram. I’ll be perfectly honest, I’ve been keeping this story to myself for some time and was hesitant to share since people now love her. I thought she was a nice person and let her be a contributor for me before she even started her blog, since she played this sympathy card that all these bloggers were picking on her and I felt bad for her. She did this to many people to make them sympathize with her and we all fell for it. I know how ruthless blogging world can be and I like to help people, so I helped her learn about blogging and let her cover an event for me. Well…turns out she was legit stalking another blogger, police reports were filled against her, lawyers called and she was literally stalking and trying to steal this bloggers identity and brand. Anything the blogger she mainly stalks and is obsessed with does or wears, she’s copying it and still does to this day even after the police reports were filed against her. That’s how cray cray she is. I found out about the police reports and all the crazy stuff she’s done after I had helped her and noticed she was stalking me online too! I cut this person off immediately. She still stalks me on instagram even though she’s blocked now, just so she can see what I’m doing too. She creates fake accounts on instagram to stalk people! Nobody has time to keep finding her accounts and blocking her, so we all let her stalk!

I won’t mention who this crazy blogger is, but people go to see her on panels where she tells some BS story about how she started, and so many people here in LA befriended her. I honestly believe people befriended her simply because she has over 200k on Instagram and honestly it seems like everyone will over look everything in order to do anything to try and grow their instagram.

How would befriending someone with more followers than you help you grow your instagram? Well it’s simple, you can try to befriend these people and pray they tag you in the pictures they post with you or repost your content to help you grow your channel. The people who follow them you hope will follow you too. That’s how a lot of people try to grow their accounts! They don’t care who they are attempting to befriend, it’s all about those numbers! I on the other hand like to know who I’m befriending after dealing with crazy people like said blogger!

I know I may come off as I’m just mad I don’t have 200k or I’m somehow bitter or jealous, or god knows what else people will come up with as an excuse for why I’m writing this today, but that’s not my intention and I promise I’m not. I’m not trying to start any drama (I HATE DRAMA) or start a game of guess who this crazy blogger is or tear anyone down. I don’t hate on anyone just because they have big numbers on instagram or who has bigger numbers than me. I know plenty of people with millions of followers who are the nicest sane and normal people ever!

I just hate seeing people who do bad things keep winning especially in the world we live in today! I simply want people and brands to wake up and stop turning a blind eye to the blatant crazy and unoriginality you can clearly see taking place! Stop rewarding these people with success when they did nothing buy lie, cheat and steal to get it! It’s honestly only a matter of time before the truth comes out about these crazy people and all the brands who hired them and all these people who praised and befriended them are going to have to back track and say “OMG” I had no idea about this person was crazy, when in realty you probably did and just overlooked it for the numbers or pretty pictures. I say save yourself the embarrassment of when it does come out and stop turning a blind eye to what is completely obvious.

That’s all I have to say about that! Yes, I try to always be positive and Brite & Bubbly here on the blog, but I do like to keep it real sometimes and I’m just tried of not saying anything about this topic which is running rapid in blogging world today. This is just one story and there are god knows how many more people out there just like her. This topic has just been eating away at me for some time, so I thought I would talk about it today and get it off my chest once and for all! It feels good to finally let it out! I’m now moving on and hope something changes soon!

I promise next week will be a far more positive Hey Girl Hey!



  • heckofabunch.com" target="_blank">Terra Heck

    Oh, wow, just wow! I, too, joined late on the Instagram bandwagon and am still not a big fan of it. I check and see who’s following me every time and I only follow those I’m interested in.
    I’ve been blogging for eight years and I’ve heard about this kind of stuff happening from time to time. It’s sad, really, that someone gets rewarded for taking others’ work.