Free Printable Streaming Holiday Movie Playlist!

Looking for some NEW awesome holiday movies watch for the next few days until Christmas? Check out our free printable Streaming Holiday Movie Playlist!

Hey All!

Did you know that December 23rd is National Christmas Movie Marathon Day? I didn’t even know prior to making this playlist, but it was just awesome to find that our today when we’re sharing it. If you’re looking for some amazing NEW movies to watch this holiday season, I made sure a lot of the movies on this playlist either came out this year or are not that well know.

You may or may not have seen these movies and you should definitely see them this week! Also how cute are these icons for Gizmo and the cheese pizza box from Home Alone? LOVE IT!

I know we’re all streaming everything 99% of the time, so I made sure this was a streaming holiday movie playlist and included what apps and streaming you’ll find these on. I tried to include a variety of movies on different streaming services.

We’ve got movies from Disney +, Netflix, and the AMC app. You can find some awesome movies on Apple TV and HBOMax too, but I just didn’t want to have a million movies on this playlist. These are just a few of the ones I personally loved watching this year and recommend you check out too, if you haven’t already!

You can download this free printable Holiday Movie Playlist HERE and mark off each movie you see!

I hope you have fun binging all these movies this week and hope you have a happy and safe holiday!

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