Growing Up Learning My Culture In The Kitchen!


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Being a Latina who was born and raised in America, I had to learn my families culture and traditions from my Grandmother mainly. A lot of what was passed on to me about being Puerto Rican and Cuban, I learned in the kitchen. My Puerto Rican side Grandmother loved to cook and she would spend hours showing us how to make different dishes and how she learned to make them from her mother back in Puerto Rico. I would hear about Puerto Rico and what it was like when she grew up there and what New York was when she first moved to the city back in the fifties. I would also learn about my extended family still in Puerto Rico and how my Great Grandmother apparently lived to be 102 years old. She was apparently eating the dishes my grandmother taught me to make until she was 102. You could say I grew up cooking with my Grandama. She was very adamant that I learn to cook our family recipes. My mom was more relaxed about the whole thing.


When I saw this GE Appliances video webisode about the Richards family and how they are teaching their multicultural family about their cultures through the food they cook in their kitchen, I could definitely relate. It reminded me of all the amazing things I learned about myself and my culture through my Grandmother’s cooking lessons.

Check out the video below:

Some of my favorite kitchen memories were making pastelillos aka empanadas with my Grandmother on our GE Appliances. My Grandmother had her favorite brands and when she trusted a brand (especially when it came to kitchen appliances) that’s the only brand she would buy. I remember all her appliances being GE and they were for years until she passed away.


Now that I have my own family, I tend to find myself doing the same thing in my kitchen. I love to spend time showing my family the recipes and traditions my Grandmother taught me. I now have my own GE appliances and it feels almost like a family tradition to have them.


It’s amazing how much appliances and a kitchen can bring a family together and help to spread the family traditions and culture from generation to generation. You can learn and teach so much in the kitchen. You don’t really know the impact of it while your cooking away with your family, but you know it will definitely have an impact in the future. It did with me and I’m sure it will have an impact on my family as well. It’s great to know that with GE Appliances they will always have the tools in the kitchen that they need for generations to come.


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How do you pass on your culture or family traditions?

Watch the Richards Family story here!

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