Halloween Catch Up & Fab Finds Of The Week!



Hey All!

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately. We’ve been dealing with everything from legal battles of people not paying us money owed, people stealing our posts, and everything else under the sun! When you don’t have people to handle these things for you, like I do, I have to essentially handle all of this myself and get the legal team to step in and mediate. It’s never any fun and I work harder and harder each day, just so I can get to the point of being able to just focusing on the creative things I want to share and leave all this nasty stuff that comes from blogger world and having your own business. It’s a lot of stress and dealing with it puts me VERY behind and I’m pretty OVER IT! Just wanted to vent for like a second, since these past few weeks have been back to back killer weeks. Thank god the week is over and we can move on to bigger and better things, like all of our last minute ideas for costumes and pumpkins. We’ll be posting them all weekend, just to catch up! Be sure to check them out if you still can’t decide what to wear for Halloween! Or if you’ve procrastinated on decorating that pumpkin! All our pumpkins are no carve and super easy to do! Can’t wait to share! Starting today! Get ready it’s going to be non-stop Halloweeen all day and every day until Thursday!

But first here are our fab finds of the week and from our site!

Did you download and Print you Halloween Party invites yet? We’ve got some amazing free Lisa Frank inspired ones for you!

And did you see our Lisa Frank inspired Hidden Eyeball Halloween Cupcakes? I told you it was a Lisa Frank Halloween!

Loving this fun Pocky Candy Costume from my Bestie Glitter in my Tea!

Yummy Marshmallow Ghosts!

I’m obsessed with these Hocus Pocus Cookies!

These adorable Halloween Lollipop Bats!

I’m already thinking about Holiday Decor and I need this Iridescent Garland!

I also need this rainbow flatware for all my Holiday dinner parties!

I’m obsessed with this kissy kissy gingerbread woman bag!

Did you see our friends amazing Candy Corn Pin?

And don’t forget your Halloween drinks! We got this one ready for you!

We met Doctor Strange yesterday and it was AWESOME! Did you see this?

My Favorite OMG Vase at Target from my girl Oh Joy is on SALE!

And I’m loving this Gold Metal tree for our Christmas Cards this year!

Check out a bunch of other amazing products we’ve purchased and got our eye on in our SHOP PAGE HERE!

And that’s all folks! Have a great weekend and we’ll be back to our Brite & Bubbly drama free chipper selves on Monday! We all have some rough times and this was mine. I’m glad I have amazing folks like you to support me through these messy times.

I heart you all!