Hasbro SpellShot Zapped & Battleship Zapped IPad Games! #Review

Hey All!

You all know how much I love the Zapped games from Hasbro created for the iPad. They are so creative and unique in bringing a new update to some of our favorite games. I recently got the opportunity to review SpellShot zAPPed and Battleship zAPPed for the iPad.

We loved testing out these kinds of games. We first tested SpellShot zAPPED.

I had never heard of Spellshot until I reviewed this game. It’s a really fun and magical themed game!

Here is some info from the Hasbro Website:

Battle wizards head-to-head on your iPad with SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition, a magical 2-player game experience from Hasbro! It features four awesome ZAPP WIZARDS to fight virtual battles on your iPad. Cast powerful spells and collect treasures to win. Play SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition to enter an animated world of magic, treasure and fantastical lands!

Have you met the ZAPP WIZARDS? SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition features four awesome wizards ready to do battle on your iPad. Launch the free app on your iPad, place a wizard on the screen and get ready to cast virtual spells and collect amazing treasures!

Each wizard has powerful battle spells! NOXIUS, the fire wizard, summons blazing comets and casts virtual fireballs on his enemies! Or maybe you’d rather be BREEZICUS and blast opponents with hailstorms and hurricanes? You’ll love discovering the magic of SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition!

SPELLSHOT zAPPed Edition features exciting magical lands! The Jungle World! The Island World! Each realm has unique treasures to collect! You’ll love casting virtual spells on other wizards or collecting treasures on screen. Plus the more you battle, the more lands you’ll discover…

…And the greater your spell power will be! Casting spells requires fast fingers. Begin in basic spell training and soon you’ll find yourself using advanced earthquake or twister spells! If your spells are fast enough to collect the treasure first, you win!

The graphics are so bright and the wizard Ipad Toys work great with the Ipads.  They respond to your touch and the game is very fun to play for kids! They love the characters and the colors of the worlds! It’s a fun and creative game for the Ipad!

Next up was Battleship zAPPed. We love the original old school board game, so we were excited to try these. This version of  Battleship is actually unique.

This version of Battleship has you following more of the theme of the new film and has you battling alien ships and finding your fleet instead of having your fleet already.

Here is the Description From the Hasbro Site:

BATTLESHIP zAPPed Edition Movie Edition is an explosive game experience from Hasbro! Now you can play your ships and iPad together! Download the free app from the App Store to your iPad, place one of three physical ships on the screen and prepare to battle virtual aliens! Plus each ship comes with its own strategic battle card! Play your ships and iPad together!

With BATTLESHIP zAPPed Edition Movie Edition, you can scan the oceans for alien ships using your on-screen radar detection system. Sighted an alien target? Hunt it down using aerial combat view and 3D-binocular view on your iPad simultaneously!

Place a ship on your iPad’s screen to attack alien enemies – the iPad recognizes each physical ship individually! Then it’s up to you to hunt down virtual alien enemies, move your ship into position, and save Earth from total destruction!

Defeat alien enemies with three epic ships! BATTLESHIP zAPPed includes three physical ships to play with on your iPad: Battleship, Aircraft Carrier, and Destroyer! Which will you use to defeat the on-screen aliens?

We could play these games for hours! We love the Hasbro Zapped versions of these games! They are so unique and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for some new amazing versions of some of your favorite games!

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***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received these products to review and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***