My Amazing Sleep Number 3-D Imaging Experience! #SleepNumber #Bed

Hey All!

I have some amazing news to share with you today! I’m getting the AMAZING opportunity to review a brand new queen size Sleep Number m9 Memory Foam bed! I can’t tell you how excited I am to get one of these fabulous beds! I’ve been wanting one for about a decade and I literally would go into their stores and stare longingly at these beds and dream about owning one! I’m so thankful to Sleep Number for giving me this very special opportunity and making my dream of owning a Sleep Number bed come true!

The M9 is one of their top of the line Memory Foam beds as it is built around the unique Sleep Number DualAir technology. This allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress so that the bed molds to your body shape. By sleeping on a air your body gets to heal and rejuvenate itself properly since you get an actual good nights sleep.

The new Sleep Number m9 memory foam bed provides the ability to adjust the firmness on each side at the touch of a button and is supremely soft, breathable and gently conforming. Designed to help sleepers find their coziest sleep ever, the m9 memory foam bed offers the latest Sleep Number innovations:

  • Exclusive Sleep Number DualAir adjustable technology allows each sleeper to adjust the firmness to their ideal level of support and comfort!
  • Five (5) inches of exclusive Sleep Number LuxFit foam softly cushions pressure points and features a breathable air-flow design!
  • Temperature-balancing sleep surface designed to absorb excess body heat!
  • And a Luxuriously soft fabric made from natural fibers keeps sleepers comfortable!

I learned all this as I visited my local Sleep Number store over the weekend.

I went in to the store to meet with the store manager Scott at the Shearman Oaks, CA location. I went bright and early as the store first opened.

I wanted to beat the Labor Day crowds and I was happy to see I had Scott and the store all to myself! I like a lot of attention when I’m learning about a product I love and Scott was more than happy to give me all the info I needed. He was also happy to answer any questions I had about the bed.

The store itself even had a very comfortable feeling to it and they even had an adorable kiddie table.

I love that the little stools had the Sleep Number logo on them. It was such a clever little touch and a great idea to have something to keep the kids busy as mom and dad shop for their dream bed.

Scott was the perfect Sleep professional and he walked me through an IndividualFit 3-D imaging experience. This is how you get to visually see what comfort-level alleviates any uncomfortable pressure points you may have so you sleep better. You essentially get your Sleep Number level during this experience.

They had great sales going on through out the stores and online. Scott was happy to tell me all the sales going on for all their products.

I couldn’t wait to test out the beds. They sadly didn’t have the M9 bed in stock because they are one of the smaller Sleep Number stores, but they had a sample of it. They had the M7 in stock, which is apparently the model below the one I will be getting to review.

As you can see in the picture above I couldn’t wait to try out all the features that could come with the bed. Scott was kind enough to snap some pictures for me and he did a great job! The bed was like laying on heavenly goodness.  Yes that is how I would describe it as it was amazing!

He then took me through the process of the IndividualFit 3-D imaging showed me all the bad tension I’m holding in my back and body as I lay.

The above images show the process he took me through.  The red symbolizes the tension in my body as I lay on the bed and when he adjusted the bed and customized it to my body you see the red vanishing. The goal was to get rid of all the red and yellow so that you can sleep comfortably. Here is a close up so you can see what I mean below!

You can see how the bottom image has a little yellow and no red. This is when he lowered down the bed firmness to a number 30. Apparently my Sleep Number is a 30! Most women are apparently around a 30-35. You can see the images below of the remotes he used to control the bed! The remote on the left is the actual Sleep Number remote that controls the firmness of the bed and gets you to your Sleep Number. The remote on the right controls the foot lift and vibrating massager if you get those additions to the bed.

The remote on the right also has a very cool glow so that you can see it in the dark if you want to put on the bed massager.  He also showed me the levels of thickness of the different beds and differences between each bed.

He also showed me how the amazing Outlast Material works that is built into the bed. It keeps you cool as you sleep! To take the test you simply put your hand on the left and it feels warm and when you take your hand off and put it on the right side and it was very cold. You see the big difference this material makes! It’s amazing!

And last but not least, he showed me all the amazing sheets they offer and you can even get a custom pillow! You can have the perfect pillow to match your perfect bed!

I had no idea they offered bedding at the store! The colors they had we great as well! They had a ton to choose from!I definitely need to get a Total Mattress Protection Pad for my bed as it makes the mattress water proof and keeps out dust mites and allergens as well. It also helps maintain the life of your bed. A Sleep Number bed is a big investment and you want to do everything you can to maintain it. Scott described it as being like a car that you have spent a lot of money on and you have to maintain it to keep it in perfect working order.  I totally agree and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure we all take care of this bed!

I can’t wait to test out my new bed and wake up renewed just like their slogan says. You’re guaranteed to awake renewed with a Sleep Number bed. From what I got to test out and try in the store and from having slept on a friends Sleep Number bed many years ago, I can honestly say these beds deliver exactly what the slogan says and are worth every penny.

I’m counting the days until our bed comes!

For More info on Sleep Number and to check out their extended Labor Day Sale and Biggest Sale of the year Promotions going on right now visit or follow Sleep Number on Twitter or Facebook!


***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. But I will be receiving a Sleep Number bed to review and feature. I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***