Helping My Family Prevent the Spread of Germs With The Lysol Germ-Cast™ App!

This post is sponsored by Lysol. All Opinions are my own.

Hey All!

As a mom and someone who is extremely concerned about the current state of the pandemic, I’m always on the lookout for tools that can help me stay informed and also help me make decisions to keep my family safe during this stressful time. Thankfully, Lysol just launched an amazing tool that helps me do just that. They recently released Lysol Germ-Cast™ , a free app and web plug-in that provides daily data on flu and COVID-19 incidence levels at the county-level, as well as a three-week flu forecast.

Lysol Germ-Cast™ also provides illness-prevention information like daily tips, tricks and guidance, and access to Lysol product information. It’s so easy to use and I literally check it every day — as I clean and disinfect our high touch areas around the house.

I couldn’t wait to download this app since cases are getting higher and higher every day. To use the app, you simply tap the blue location icon, and type in your zip code or city to find the information for your area.

I put in our area: Los Angeles, CA, and — as you can see — cases were rising and in the high range of infection for COVID-19.

When I checked the app today, we were at the severe level in the rate of new cases, which is just plain scary! It shows how the counts are rising from 14 days ago, how many new cases are reported each day, and the total cases for your area.

It also shows the top symptoms of COVID-19 and offers informative articles that showcase how to help stop the spread of COVID-19 according to the CDC. It also clarifies the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Fun fact: you should be disinfecting — and not just cleaning — to help keep your home safe from COVID-19.

When you tap the “Protection” tab, it gives you tips and a variety of information to read to help you keep your family protected from illness-causing germs; plus, some ideas on how to keep your home clean.

Finally, when you tap the “Products” tab, it shows you the best Lysol products to use to help prevent the spread of illness-causing germs. It also shows you which Lysol products are proven to kill the Covid-19 virus on surfaces It also shows you which Lysol products are proven to kill COVID-19. I’ll make sure to keep my Lysol products handy!

Like I said earlier, this app is beyond helpful. With Lysol Germ-Cast™, Lysol aims to help consumers protect themselves and their loved ones from the spread of illness-causing germs by giving them the tools to stay informed and vigilant. I highly recommend you download either the app or plug-in and use it to stay up to date on all the latest information. It’s another tool I’m using to help keep my family safe during these unprecedented times. I hope this tool does the same for you!

Lysol Germ-Cast™ is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Thanks again to Lysol for this amazing tool and for sponsoring this post! Thank you for supporting amazing brands like this one that aim to help keep us safe.