Blue Beetle Is A Superhero To Be Proud of!

Sharing our thoughts on DC’s latest film Blue Beetle! Film Critics are allowed to review films during the strike according to SAGAFTRA RULES. JUST FYI.

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Hey All!

As a Puerto Rican and Cuban woman, It’s extremely rare to get any Latin representation in mainstream films and TV. It’s extremely disheartening that Hollywood constantly overlooks one of the largest populations in the USA. You can imagine how ecstatic I was to learn “Blue Beetle” was being made! Not only was it being made, but it was being made with a Puerto Rican Director and a completely Latin cast! My jaw dropped, as I knew this was a once in a lifetime event. This would be the first superhero movie to have a Latin Superhero at the helm. I’ve been counting the days until I could get the chance to see this film. I was lucky to be invited to a screening for Latino Film Critics and Blue Beetle did not disappoint! The film is directed by Angel Manuel Soto and stars Xolo Maridueña Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes.

Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes just graduated college and he returns home full of aspirations for his future, only to find that home is not quite as he left it. His family has essentially gone broke sending him to college for a degree he can’t even use. He essentially has the story that so many of us stuck with student loans and degrees we barely use can relate to. As he searches to figure out a way to help his family, Jaime meets Jenny Kord. Jenny is played by Bruna Marquezine (“Maldivas,” “God Save the King”). She steals an ancient relic of alien biotechnology: the Scarab from Kord Enterprises.

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She secretly entrusts Jaime with the Scarab and while he doesn’t realize what he’s taken home to keep safe, the Scarab suddenly chooses Jaime to be its symbiotic host. It’s a pretty hilarious scene where George Lopez is screaming the Scarab is going up Jaime’s butt! Jaime is transformed into the Blue Beetle and he is bestowed with an incredible suit of armor capable of extraordinary and unpredictable powers. Jaime and his family are quickly thrusted into a dangerous Kord family battle lead by Oscar winner Susan Sarandon, who plays Victoria Kord. She wants the Scarab that was stolen from her back. She will do what ever it takes to get it back, even if it means killing those Jaime loves or her own family.

Blue Beetle Villain

With that, a fun and action packed adventure begins and it’s everything I hoped it would be! Xolo Maridueña is perfect in the role of Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes. His character is very similar personality wise to Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Angel Manuel Soto filled the film with the heart of Mexican and Latin culture and focused on the importance of family and believing in yourself against all odds. It’s the best film to come out of the DCU since Wonder Woman! I’m not just saying this! I know a lot of people hyped up previous DC Superhero films, when they obviously shouldn’t have. I WAS NOT ONE OF THEM!

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I sharing very honestly that this film is actually good! It’s an origin story and the first half of the movie is spent getting introduced to these characters. All intro superhero movies do this! It brings the action with special effects that actually look good! There are great practical effects and the SG looks good. The suit also looks great & Scarab Being controlling the suit is giving Jarvis with some Latin flavor. Yes the film incorporates a culture aspect to the film, but it isn’t beating the audience over the head with it. Anyone can enjoy this film!

The film is also very funny! From a machine gun rage filled Grandma to George Lopez playing a paranoid genius, it brings the funny! George Lopez literally had me laughing out loud through out the film! He was the perfect choice to bring Jaime’s Uncle Rudy to life. The music is even great in this film. It had a Tron Legacy feel to it and I can’t wait to pick up the soundtrack! I can go on and on about this film, but I don’t want to spoil the film. You just have to go see this awesome movie for yourself.

I can’t tell you what it means to see a live Latin Superhero on the big screen. It made me so product to see this on the big screen! Blue Beetle is truly a superhero to be proud of! This film means so much to so many and everyone needs to come out and support it!
Go see it in theaters now!