CLOSED-Holiday CandyCassions! & Yummy GIVEAWAY! Happy Holiday Gift Guide Feature!

Hey All!

Many of you may be familiar with Candycassions from my Swaggerific Halloween Gift Guide and their amazing Halloween tweets and gift baskets, well this amazing shop has done it again for the Holidays! The owner Darlene is one of my most favorite people ever and she has out done herself as a matter of fact! How many of your are looking for something unique to give as a gift for the Holidays or maybe you’re looking for a special centerpiece or a yummy stocking stuffer for your family or kids?

Whatever the case may be…Candycassions has THE MOST amazing hand crafted treats you will ever find that are perfect for everyone for this Holiday season! Again the fabulous Darlene makes all these treats amazingly by hand and she is now offering a ton of amazing new treats and items for the Holidays. She offers both gourmet-dipped and molded candies in a variety gift boxes, arrangments, and party favors.

Trust me when I say they really are fabulous and not even photo’s do these treats justice, Like this amazing candy tray.

These are perfect for Holiday parties, corporate Holiday events, or even anniversary or wedding parties. A request is all it takes to get these amazing trays that are filled with lots of amazing chocolate treats like chocolate covered pretzels and oreos or she can even make these trays with a variety of bon  bons, cups, truffles, Chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge cream, chocolates with a maple cream center or vanilla buttercream center…caramels….etc.

She was also kind enough to send me some of her Holiday treats to try and there are so many amazing treats to choose from I was more giddy than my kid when I saw them. I’m sure it will have the same reaction when you see them!

She has so many fantastic  items to choose from like marshmallow mallow pops! Holiday decorated oreos…

These oreo’s are so beautifully crafted and decorated. I absolutely love the snowman oreo’s.

They are perfect for my family since we love our snowmen and they would make a perfect stocking stuffers as they are also adorably packaged individually in holiday baggies with holiday ribbon and you get two beautiful oreo’s per baggie.

She also has the fantastic chocolate dipped silly snowman nutter butter cookies that have snowman faces ( both in a silly and a standard winter snowman face) and just holiday dipped and decorated nutter butters.

These are adorable as well, but they do contain peanuts of course, so if you have a peanut allergy make sure to let her know in advance. She also makes these adorable nutter butter Rudolph the red nosed reindeer nutter butters as well.

She also has a large sleigh…

And reindeer gift set, which makes an adorable chocolate Santa Sleigh with reindeer’s! Perfect to leave for Santa!

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers that are for a more personal touch, there are a variety of things such as Winnie the Pooh characters, horses for those little girls who really want Santa to bring them a pony for Christmas…

Race car theme chocolates and gift baskets for those guys who have a need for speed! Monster trucks…

These Chocolate tool sets are perfect for dads this Holiday!

There are firefighter sets that are perfect for all those little boys and girls that want to be firefighters when they grow up.

These hand decorated lollipops are perfect for anyone!

And these amazing Chocolate wreaths come in two sizes and you can get them wrap like you see in this picture below or you can get them packaged in a cute decorated red box which would be perfect to give a co worker or your kids teacher this year!

Now you know I loved the Candycassions Boo Box gift basket she offered for Halloween, Well I love these holiday baskets so much I was to sing the praises of Candycassions!

One the 1st day of Christmas Candycassions offered me…

This amazing GIFT BASKKKKKET! 

This beautiful Deluxe holiday gourmet gift basket includes:

A 12 pk of hand decorated oreos- gift boxed.
or 6 – 2pk oreos that are hand decorated and a gift boxed 4″ wreath.
or a sleigh / w two reindeer set.
or a few oreo two packs, couple silly snowman nutter cookies and a couple Christmas lollipops.

You can customize your baskets with what you want of course!

Not a partridge in a pear tree but this amazing HO HO HOLIDAY gift box that only costs $17!
Or This Stocking Stuffer Sampler is to die for! It includes:

1- 4″ diameter molded gift boxed Chocolate Wreath
2- Chocolate covered Twinkie Pops
2- stocking Lollipops
2- Santa Belly Lollipops
2- 2pk Oreos

I know I’m going on and on about Candycassions, but I love this shop! This would be the longest feature in the history of blog features if you let me! And I can’t help that love Chocolate covered anything but the chocolate covered pretzels offered by Candycassions are now my new favorite of chocolate treat of all time. Well mine and my mothers.

And last but not least she also has the amazing Gourmet chocolate twinkies that are so unique you just have to try one to see how great this unique combination tastes fastatic. Trust me! I’ve tried them!

has such an amazing variety of gift baskets and boxes that are perfect for every occasion. Not just for the Holidays!

There are so many great baskets and boxes and candies to choose from. I’d really would go on and on about all the great treats I love from CandyCassions but I may be here a week if I did!

I’m sure once you head over to CandyCassions and see all the amazing treats at such amazing prices you will want to buy everything in sight as well. But please be sure to give poor Darlene enough time to make your amazing Gourmet gift Baskets! She makes these amazing creations by hand and some things take more time to make than others.

So please when you’re placing an order for your amazing treats try to place your orders as early in advance as possible, to ensure that that she has enough time to schedule and make your order and to allow plenty of time for the post office to get the package to you or the recipient of the gift on time on the date when you need it to get where ever you need it to go. She ships Priority mail, which takes 2 -3 days.

So please check out CandyCasssions and their amazing Holiday treats by clicking HERE!

I promise you or who every you gift these amazing treats to this Holiday Season will not be disappointed with these amazing gift baskets and chocolate treats from CandyCassions! I love them and I’m sure you will love yours as well!


Candycassions would love to give ONE of my readers their VERY OWN “STOCKING STUFFER SAMPLER” to enjoy this Holiday Season!


1- 4″ diameter molded gift boxed Chocolate Wreath
2- Chocolate covered Twinkie Pops
2- stocking Lollipops
2- Santa Belly Lollipops
2- 2pk Oreos

WHAT AN AMAZING GIVEAWAY! This should really help with your gift giving a little bit. Thank you Candycassions!



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