HP Savings Center and Instant Ink! #HPsavedme

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Hey All!

You all remember my previous post on the HP SAVING’S CENTER right? It’s the handy automatic coupon printing feature that allows you to schedule printings of coupons.


If you didn’t catch my previous post, you set up the Savings Center when you set up you new HP Connected account and print. It will ask you if you want to turn on and schedule Savings Bundle. This is a feature that will automatically print your coupons at a scheduled time. Essentially you won’t ever have to worry about missing a good coupon if you go away on a trip because your coupons will be automatically printing when you’re away.

I think it’s a very cool feature.  Once you have your printer set up, you head online to www.hpconnected.com to set up your Saving Center and to download HP Apps onto the printer.

They print out very crisp and clear on my HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One Printer as they should on any HP printer. This printer has been amazing since I got it. It has allowed me to print out crafts, photos, and more for the holidays.


The “Print Now” feature from the control panel is super handy and the control panel is all touch screen mainly. I also love that is does Mobile printing as this makes it wireless and it cuts down the amount of messy cords around my desk area. There is nothing like a clean and uncluttered workspace. This printer truly aids in this with it’s wireless capabilities.

When I was setting up my printer I also enrolled in HP Instant Ink.


It’s basically an Ink Replacement Service that you pay for monthly based on the amount of printing you do a month.


It ends up saving you up to 50% on ink as you end up only paying $60 for the year for ink instead of $60 a month buying individual cartridges at a store.  I think it’s amazing! It’s easy to Set-up as you can either do it when you set up your account and printer or you can get an enrollment card like this from HP and enroll that way. You can pick the best plan that works for you and your printing needs.


The system for the plan monitors your printers ink levels since it’s a wireless printer and it automatically sends you ink cartridges before yours run out if it senses yours are getting low.


I’m very happy with the service and highly recommend it if you’re a big printer like I am.

Visit HPinstantink.com for more info!