I’m Keeping Track While Traveling Thanks To Radio Shack!


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Hey All!

It’s Tech Tuesday and as you all know I just got married and we’ve been traveling around and will be going on a honeymoon some time soon. With all this traveling it doesn’t mean I have to stop keeping track of my fitness and monitoring the steps I’m taking. Luckily Radio Shack came to my rescue with the stylish FitBit Flex and additional wristbands.

This Fitbit Flex is stylish wristband tracking device that you wear on your wrist at all times (well except in the shower) to monitor your steps, distance, and calories burned. This will come in handy when your traveling as you tend to do a lot more walking and eating when you’re traveling. It will help keep track of all those calories you may be eating. At night you can also wear it to track your sleep cycle. It’s fantastic as it can also act as a vibrating alarm to wake you up in the morning when you need to get going for a tour or activity you may be doing when you travel.

Fitbit Flex-Wristbands

You can take this tiny tracker out and put into any of Flex’s colorful bands to fit your mood or style for the day. I personally LOVE the teal blue color and wear that color often. It’s my favorite color and I’m sure that’s the wristband I’ll be using the most as we travel.

Fitbit Flex-extra-wristbands

It comes with a USB dongal to charge the Flex. The lights on the Flex pulse as it’s charging so that you know it’s charging. The Fitbit Flex, like the Fitbit One syncs wirelessly to your Fitbit iPhone app. I love this feature as when the Flex is running low on battery you will get a prompt on your iPhone letting you know to charge the flex. It’s constantly syncing and monitoring your steps and calories all day long as it’s on your wrist.


The Flex comes with a black wristband in both sizes large or small and works perfectly for both men and women. I’m a small and I will say it was a little hard to get on to begin with, but once you get used to putting the band on it goes on in a flash and is very secure on your wrist. You can get this Fitbit wet, again I wouldn’t personally shower with it or take it in a pool. I’m just paranoid about water damage, so that is just my preference. This is the only Fitbit that you can potentially get wet.

Fitbit Flex-back

It does track your steps relatively accurate, but I will say that since it’s on your wrist is can sometimes count some motions as steps.

Fitbit Flex

But I find every pedometer does that. I’m the type of person who likes to wear watches and bracelets, so I love the Flex.

If you’re looking for a great fitness wearable while your traveling and out and about I highly recommend the Fitbit Flex which you can easily find at Radio Shack!



I was solely provided these products for review thanks to radio shack. All opinions are my own.