Join Me In Trying To End Domestic Violence! #BeTheSolution

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Hey All!

No one thinks it’s “fun” to talk about domestic violence. It’s not an issue that comes up in every day conversation. It’s a real, tough and emotional issue that has to be handled with compassion. I’m not afraid to say that I have sadly had to witness domestic violence with in my own family and have strong beliefs on this subject. People shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it and should recognize talking about it can ultimately help them get the help they need or help others who may be going through the same thing. I witnessed a lot of that abuse that usually came when a family member was under the influence of alcohol, but that is still no excuse to turn to domestic violence. I firmly would love to put an end to domestic violence on both men and women and thankfully an organization like Blue Shield of California Foundation shares the same beliefs. So how can we normalize the conversation around domestic violence so that it’s viewed as a vital issue to talk about rather than something uncomfortable that no one wants to talk about?

Blue Shield of California Foundation has created a campaign called “Be the Solution” #BeTheSolution to not only spread this message, but it involves men in the conversation and gets rid of the stigma that this is a “female only” issue. Men can be victims of domestic violence. Men can take a leadership role among their peers to say that domestic violence is never okay, and they can serve as role models for boys and young men and teach them how to practice healthy relationship habits early in life. It’s so important for men to be active in the domestic violence conversation and in prevention efforts as men I find have a better way of reaching other men and boys. Men tend to communicate better with each other and it would be great to have men spreading this message on non-violence. It can’t just be one half of the population spreading this message. Both men and women need to come together to spread this important message.

The affects of domestic violence not only affect someone emotionally, it actually affects the heath and well being of the victims involved.

Check out these statistics below:


This campaign is asking individuals to share how they can “Be the Solution” to domestic violence. Blue Shield of California Foundation is one of the California’s largest philanthropies. They are committed to combatting domestic violence through funding and public awareness. Its new #BeTheSolution campaign is spreading the message that domestic violence is everyone’s issue to tackle, all of the time—not just those who are actively experiencing or perpetrating it, and not just when an incident like the recent NFL scandal brings it to the public’s attention in a big way. Blue Shield of California Foundation believes that each of us can play a role in identifying, addressing, and stopping domestic violence in our personal lives and in our communities. Blue Shield Against Domestic Violence Grants are also available for those in need.

By leading by example and teaching our kids that domestic violence (violence period) is never OK and should never be the answer, We are helping in our way to spread this message and end domestic. We are also trying to spread the word to our friends and family who may be experiencing this in some way, but are too afraid or ashamed to talk about it. We’re giving our friends and family a safe place to talk about it and we’re trying to help them get the help they need. We’re taking small steps to end domestic violence that will hopefully lead to big changes to end it.


We’ve shared our photo to show support on how we can be the solution and BSCF is encouraging you to share how you can or will #BeTheSolution to ending domestic violence.


Share your own photos with hashtag #BeTheSolution by posting a photo on Instagram or Twitter or uploading it directly to the gallery on Facebook HERE.

I hope you will join me in trying to put an end to domestic violence.



  •" target="_blank">Colleen

    Another great campaign and what a cute photo.

  •" target="_blank">Liz Mays

    I so wish we could end domestic violence, and anything we can do to support work in that regard is awesome to me!

  •" target="_blank">Donna

    I am at least glad that domestic abuse is at least being talked about. I can remember when the subject was taboo and no talked about it at all. My mom’s best friend when I was a young girl was killed by her husband… 🙁

  •" target="_blank">Penelope Guzman

    I agree, we should all be part of the solution. It’s so easy to just ignore, but takes courage to identify and help those who need it.

  • It’s so important that men and women alike stand up to prevent domestic violence!

  • Sadly, domestic violence can happen to anyone. I’ve lived it and survived it, so I know how difficult it can be to escape and recover from it! It’s hard and shouldn’t no one have to endure that type of emotional and physical pain. It’s great to know there’s help when people need it.

  •" target="_blank">Tammy Litke (@threedifferent)

    I’m always surprised to learn when someone is in a relationship that domestic violence has occurred, and I’m shocked how we could not have possibly known. I think a cause like this is very important because if more people involved in these situations had a safe place to let it be known, perhaps they could more easily vacate them. Ideally it would be wonderful if it never happened at all though :/

  •" target="_blank">TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs

    What a wonderful and easy way to show support to end this horrible occurrence. It’s so sad when some even end up thinking it’s their fault for being abused 🙁

  • It’s good to know that we can make an impact in the life and well-being of others. This is a great campaign.