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Hey All!

With all the identity theft and malware happening, having a PC these days can be very stressful. I was always stressed that someone is going to hack into my PC! Thankfully, I have this amazing new application on my PC to protect it from malware called Solve iQ! It’s a software that offers tech solutions that protect and optimize your PC in real time. It’s pretty awesome!

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The service only costs $9.95 a month and you can cancel and restart your account at any time. They don’t increase their price even when they add new services to it. They can help you with any problem you might be having with your computer, whether it’s an issue with Zoom or your computer is running suddenly slow.

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Solve iQ is an all-in-one PC application that guarantees a smooth tech experience through automatic optimizations, enhanced security, and tech support that is available 7 days a week. Chat support is available when ever you see the chat box being offered. As you can see in the screenshot above, in the bottom right corner, there is a little circle with a face. That’s the chat support. You click that little corner circle and a real person hops on to chat and help you!

You can actually get a live person to help via chat or by phone. There are no specific times when chat is available. If you see the chat box that means it’s available. The support main times are the times listed for the 7 days a week from 7am-8pm CST.

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Solve iQ has some amazing features like DNS protection/deceptive app protection and computer Optimization! Solve iQ is the first and only service to deliver optimizations in real time, based on what tasks you are doing on your PC– from calling a family member, to playing a video game.

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I personally love the Optimization System feature and it acts as a Cleanup Service that rids your machine of unnecessary files and clutter to free up space, increase performance, and eliminating potential data leaks. Since doing this, my computer has run so much faster! I had so much junk on my computer and I had no idea!

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I also love the DNS protection/deceptive app protection and Page Boost features. PageBoost Blocks Most Video Ads, Pop-ups, and Banners while you’re online. I hate those pop-ups when I’m online, so this is a lifesaver! It also improves page load times and browsing speed. It also makes it harder to track you online.

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I also don’t have to worry about updating my drivers, as Solve iQ can make sure I’m up to date by using industry-leading driver matching technology. They add hundreds of device driver updates a week.

The number one feature I love about Solve iQ is the Scurity it provides to my PC. It protects my privacy, which is most important to me. Solve iQ’s real-time engine automatically detects malware and unwanted, performance-killing apps and prevents them from downloading or launching on your computer.

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My computer has been running better than ever before I installed it! I have a new peace of mind that I’m being as safe as I can possibly be with my computer and when I’m online. I’m online a lot due to my business, so I can never be too safe!

I highly recommend you check out Solve iQ if you’re looking for something to keep your computer running great and safe! You can find more info about this amazing application and service on their website!

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Good luck everyone!



  • " target="_blank">Brianne

    This is such an awesome service. I have it, and I love it. $9.95 a month is very affordable and SUCH a small price to pay for everything it does for my PC.

  • " target="_blank">Tara Pittman

    Keeping my PC protected is so important. This is something that I will be checking out soon.

  • " target="_blank">Heather

    There is nothing more important than feeling secure, especially online. I can’t wait to learn more about this!

  • " target="_blank">Janel

    My laptop has been having issues with the printer connection. It’s probably a driver, now that I think about it! Thanks for sharing these tips.

  • " target="_blank">Eileen M Loya

    Perfect to have for tech challenged people like me! I don’t want to keep bothering my son to help solve some computer issues or to check if my drivers are updated. Solve IQ will help me pinpoint issues and give me the support I need.

  • " target="_blank">Brandy

    There’s always something new to check out and see for use to keep PC safe. I will have to look into this since I have now seen it mentioned three times today. So much new tech out there to keep us safe.

  • " target="_blank">Amy Desrosiers

    My kids needed this during online school! They were always crashing their computer from other apps taking up their resources.

  • " target="_blank">Kathy

    This sounds like a great way to keep your computers protected. My daughters would especially benefit from something like this. They always seem to end up with something on their computers.

  • " target="_blank">Fatima T

    Keeping your computer working and protected is important, more so when you work from home. Love the concept of this.

  • " target="_blank">Lyanna Soria

    This is quite an informative post about Solve IQ and sounds like a wonderful tool to check out sometime. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • " target="_blank">Gervin Khan

    Wow, this sounds like a great tool to make my devices more protected. I will definitely check this out.

  • " target="_blank">Myrah Duque

    For me, knowing that my computer is working correctly and protected is peace of mind. Great tool indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  • " target="_blank">Janeane M Davis

    We use our computers for so much, we need to have things that protect the information on the computers.