Lisa Frank Inspired Heart Galentine’s Day Cookies!

Hey All!

You know I’m obsessed with Lisa Frank, like beyond obsessed! I wanted to make some cookies for Galentine’s Day, so I shared my idea with my awesome contributor Rose and she made my Galentine’s Day cookie dreams come true. I’m in love with these cookies and here is Rose to show you how to make them.

At Brite and Bubbly We HEART Lisa Frank! And who doesn’t?! Her notebooks and school supplies were my favorite in school, and I love them even more now that I can share with my daughter. These heart cookies are so easy to decorate and they look amazing!

Here is what you’ll need to make them:

  • Baked heart shaped cookies
  • Heart cookie cutters (same shape as the cookies)
  • Fondant in these neon colors: hot pink, purple, turquoise, yellow and orange.
  • Emerald green fondant – I mixed lime green and dark green
  • Black icing gel
  • Prepared icing or jam
  • A small brush

Roll balls of fondant in each color, then roll into thin long tubes about ¼ to ½ inch thick and 18-20” long. Arrange your fondant tubes in this pattern: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Place at least two sets of this pattern side by side on a silicon mat.  

Roll over the fondant evenly to form stripes about 1/8 inch thick. Make sure they stick together keeping them as straight as possible. Brush the sides with a bit of water to glue the stripes to each other. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.

Once dry, paint the tiger stripes on the left half of the fondant piece and the leopard pattern on the right hand side. Put a tiny dollop of black gel on a paper plate and some water in a small bowl or cup.

Wet your brush just a little bit to water down the gel when you load it into the brush, but not so much that you will wet the fondant. Start with the tiger pattern drawing your stripes at the bottom and working your way up, or vice versa.

To paint each pattern start in the middle and paint out to each side making sure to cover all the colors. To make them realistic they must consistent, but not all the same size or width. For the leopard spots, draw half-moons in front of each other but one higher than the other. You may enclose a few spots and leave a few open. Try to keep them in a line, but they don’t have to be perfect either. Once you have painted your patterns, let dry for 15 minutes. Measure and cut out your fondant hearts.

Spread a thin layer or icing or jam in the middle of the cookies. Lift the fondant heart, with a spatula and carefully place it on the cookie. If the stripes start to separate you may glue them again with a little bit of water.

Think of all the awesome shapes you can do with this Lisa Frank pattern: stars, diamonds, animals, hot air balloons and rainbows.

Hand them off to all your friends for Galentine’s Day! Who wouldn’t love a little heart box filled with these cookies?! I know I would!

I’m obsessed with how these cookies came out! They’re probably my new favorite tasty treat!

We hope you enjoy these amazing cookies as much as we do! Thanks so much to Rose for being our cookie baking rockstar!

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Photos and Recipe Creation by Rose Torres| Creative Direction & Photo Editing by Vanessa Delia