Real Steel Will Rockem & Sockem it’s Way Into Your Heart! #REALSTEEL REVIEW

Hey All!

As you saw from my tweets this weekend you all know I was part of this AMAZING Disney Blogger Event! And as part of this event I had the fabulous opportunity to see the new DreamWorks movie Real Steel and then I got to meet and interview members of the cast and crew! OMG I know! Yes I met  the amazing Hugh Jackman AND SUGAR RAY LEONARD!

Here are pics of us bloggers with Sugar Ray and Hugh Jackman!

I have to say I am truly in love with these two men! They were amazing to meet and I can honestly say they made an really fantastic movie!  I can tell you before seeing this film I thought it was going to be Rockem Sockem Robots the game come to life in a dark Rocky like boxing movie. Rocky with Robots was what I thought it would be, but I happy to say it’s not that at all! Yes there are still amazing boxing robots but this movie has a great story and most importantly HEART!

This movie is about a washed up boxer named Charlie Kenton (played by Hugh Jackman) who struggles to make quick buck here and there boxing his last run-down robot fighter in underground robot boxing. Charlie is not living the greatest life when we meet him. He’s careless, owes people tons of money, and doesn’t think before he acts. He acts on impulse alone and it gets him into lots of trouble and debt, from many lost boxing matches. And when he’s at his lowest he finds out the Mother of his son, who he abandoned when he was born, has died and Charlie ends up making a deal for the boys Aunt Husband to pay him $50,000 to take care of his now eleven year old son Max (played by Dakota Goyo) so they can go on a European vacation alone. This was perfect casting for the son by the way. These two played so well off each other. They make a very believable father and son.

Max has always known his father was a boxer and robot boxer so it’s kind of insinuated that he loves fighting robots because of this and knows more about them than Charlie anticipates. The relationship between them grows as Charlie begins to let himself open his heart to the son who he never thought he was good enough for. He never fought to be there for his son or for his son ever, and that’s what Max has always wanted.  And through the death of his mother bringing him back together with his father he had always wanted to know, he finally gets the opportunity to see his father learn to fight for him for a change.

I honestly shed tears at the ending of this movie, since it was so touching to see Charlie finally fall in love with his son and his son learn the greatness of his dad. Honestly, NIAGRA FALLS from my eyes! I know that in the trailer that you can see below it doesn’t shed light on the amazing Father son relationship that this movie is really about, but I PROMISE you it’s there. Yes the effects and the robot fights are SUPER realistic and the boxing scenes are amazing, but it’s honestly not about the robots it’s about rebuilding relationships and finding out that it’s never to late to change!

I highly recommend you run out and see this film when it comes out. Real Steel opens in theaters and IMAX nationwide this Friday, October 7th. You can also find more info about all the action at the Real Steel Facebook Page or Follow @RealSteelMovie on Twitter!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I only attended a free screening of it and got a gift bag of real steel promo items for attending. I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***