Make A DIY New Year’s Resolution Box & A Free Printable!


Hey All!

I know we’re all guilty of not keeping our New Years Eve Resolutions, Well I know I’m guilty of this every year. This year I decided to do something about it and I created this easy New Year’s Resolution Box that will help me accomplish all my resolutions this year.  It’s just a means of having something tangible that I can refer to and keep track of my resolutions and if I’m accomplishing them through out 2015! It can help you too if you have some resolutions you’re trying to keep.

Check out the post and the free printable that help you make the box HERE on Latina Mom.Me! It’s a fabulous site I’m now proud to be a contributor for.


I hope you enjoy this easy DIY New Year’s Resolution Box and I hope it helps you accomplish all those 2015 resolutions!