MilkBone Dog Treats Basket Donation! #iLoveMyK9 #CBias

Hey All!

You remember my Milk-Bone® Dog Treats Gift Basket Post I did last week about going shopping at Walmart to make a gift basket for my local animal shelter  to say thank you for helping me find my my two beautiful dog babies named Mr. Pink and Chico. Both were adopted from our local rescue organization and shelter.  I wanted to make this post and this my basket extra special for my furry friends in need at the Shelter since people often forget about the poor animals waiting and hoping to be adopted at the over packed shelters here in LA. I used Instgram on my Iphone to take these pics and alter them with filters and borders just fyi. I love the way the pics come out in Instagram. I digress…

I got lots of goodies from Walmart like Milk-Bone® dog biscuits and Milo’s Kitchen jerky treats to put into my basket. I’m sure the dogs will love these treats since they don’t often get treats.

I’m sure they’ll love the home style flavor of treats.

And I’m sure they’ll love the classic Milk-Bone® treats as I’ve been giving them to my dogs for years!

They really are wholesome familiar goodness!

Into the basket they go! I got lots of toys for the dogs and I got one for a cat as well.

I got some treats for cats as well since I didn’t want to forget about the poor cats at the shelter as well.

Above is my beautiful finished basket filled with toys and treats for the poor animals at the Animal Shelter. Off to the East Valley Animal Shelter I went.

Just like the sign says on the outside of the building you can get a great new pet here!

We got our two dogs here and you can find some amazing pets at a shelter!

I headed inside to give my gift basket. I was kind of nervous since I didn’t want them to turn me away.

I headed to the front desk area. I approached a gentleman at the desk and said I’d like to donate this basket. He said “well thank you very much!” I said you’re welcome and he took the basket and put it in the back table. And that was it. I hope the treats and toys are enjoyed by the poor animals there. Most have been abandoned by owners who can’t afford to take care of them.

I wanted to see some of the dogs before I left and it broke my heart as I wanted to take them all home. Like this little baby below. He looked so sad!

This one reminded me of my chico but he was such a beautiful gray color and had hazel like eyes. He’s a gorgeous dog!

And these two below were so adorable. I seriously almost took them home. They were like 8 months old and so friendly and sweet. I so was in love with them.

You can see everything I put into my gift basket and some more amazing pics of loving animals waiting to be adopted via this Google + slide show!

You can also Check out the pics in my Instagram photo album!

If you find yourself wanting to do something charitable this year please consider making a Dog or Cat or both treats gift basket to Donate to your local animal shelter and if you’re considering getting a new dog or cat remember that it is a life long commitment and you are bringing in another family member so to speak. You can find great pets at your local shelter.  

For more info about the Eats Valley Animal Shelter visit their Youtube page to see all the amazing pets for adoption in action! Or Call Direct: 888-4LA-PET1 or 888-452-7381.

For more info on the treats featured and to Sign Up for News & Savings visit…Milk-Bone®Pup-Peroni, or Milo’s Kitchen!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All opinions and experiences are my own. #CBias #ILoveMyk9