and great organization and Learning tool for Kids!

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Have yo heard of MiniMonos? No well I highly recommend you check out this amazing site. It’s is a  virtual world for kids so they can literally have fun monkeying around in! PUN INTENDED!  Monos means monkey in Spanish! You’re child will have a blast on this site with their own MiniMonos monkey avatar and they can choose a treehouse to live in, explore the beautiful island, and chat with other monkeys aka kids playing on the site.

They offer various eco friendly themed games that include catching clouds to create wind energy, cleaning up the trash in the water, and recycling into the right bin. Kids are encouraged to provide feedback in an effort to make it their world and take special care of it. It truly teaches your child to be environmentally friendly in a fun way. They also have a Gold membership that gives you lots of great benefits, including t-shirt and fur colors for your avatar, hairstyles, free chat in speech bubbles, and 1,000 bonus banana chips! (And if you’d like more banana chips to decorate your tree house, you can get them CLICKING HERE.)

MiniMonos really cares about making a positive impact on children, saying, “It’s important to us that our MiniMonos kids recognize how to look after the planet we live on and help others who are affected by climate change.” So for every six-month Top Banana Gold membership purchased you and your child gives a week’s worth of clean drinking water for a child in India. So please get a gold membership everyone!

How amazing is that? I know it makes me feel great knowing that I can contribute towards a year of clean water for 20 children in India, thanks to Meridian Energy, Buy1Give1 and the Bird India charity.

MiniMonos Flight is now available at the App Store!

The MiniMonos community is saving the lives and is a great learning tool for kids at the same time. They have a handy App for all your Apple gadgets as well that makes playing with MiniMonos super easy as well. I hope you’ll check out their App and the MiniMonos site with your child!

I promise you will love it just as much as I do.

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**Disclosure: I received a promo code for a gold membership to this site to review it. I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post.**