My Time With The 2014 Kia Sorento!


Hey All!

I recently had the amazing experience of test driving a 2014 Kia Sorento and I have to say it was a smooth drive for the 2 weeks I had it. We took it all over LA and it is one snazzy sports utility vehicle. It has all you could want in an SUV with the style and drive of a sedan.


One of my most favorite features had to be the backup warning system and rear camera display. You can see on the 8-inch screen display on the dashboard what is behind you as you back up. It also gives you alerts as you switch lanes. A light blinks on the side mirrors and you also hear a binging noise inside the car if there is a car next to you or approaching as you’re trying to switch lanes. It’s such a handy feature in case a car creeps up on you from no where.

This car was a 2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick, plus Kelly Blue Book named the Sorento one of the Top Ten Best SUVs under $25,000. You can count on feeling safe in this car. We did!


This car also had a push button engine start which I love. It’s always so handy to have to simply push a button to start your car. The Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Hands-Free Connectivity, Hands-Free Phone, and EcoMinder® Fuel-Efficiency Indicator are also very handy features. They allow you to talk and drive safely and help you to get the most possible gas mileage out of the car.

The panoramic sunroof with a power sunshade and rear window sun visors were awesome for sunny drives. If you feel the sun is beating down on you, the built in shades come down from the windows and block the sun.

It has a very roomy interior with a 3rd row of seating. It can seat up to 7, which is more than enough for our normally 3 person family. If we had my niece and nephew it would easily fit us all as well.

The seats are fully-adjustable and very comfortable regardless of how long the drive is.


The seats in the back fold down for added trunk space. You can fit tons of luggage, groceries, and even furniture back there as it’s very spacious once the seats are folded down.


The other small feature I loved that I have to mention are the little lights that illuminated the door handles. It’s so handy at night when you come close the car with your key the door handles light up. I was obsessed with this feature and wish every car had it!

Lastly I have to mention the SiriusXM Audio/Radio System as it provides the best entertainment for any drive. It also is where you’ll find the Display Navigation System, which is super handy so you don’t have to rely solely on your phones navigator to get you where you need to go.

I had the fully equipped 2014 Kia Sorento with all the features you could possibly get, which will run you close to $35,000, but like I mentioned before the vehicle starts at under $25,000.

I highly recommend the 2014 Kia Sorento. It was a great drive and has all the features a family would need on the road!