Our Amazing Brite & Bubbly Home Studio Reveal!


Hey All!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. My home office/studio reveal is finally here. I can’t tell you how much I love this space and I can’t thank the folks at Home Decorators Collection enough for contributing two of the pieces for my studio!


I am truly in love with this space. It’s everything I’ve always dreamed of having in a home office, including this magnificent fire place area. I also have my own amazing desk, mantra inspiration wall…


Bookshelf which has so many adorable storage areas like…


These Pantone containers and…


These amazing gold knob cabinets and drawers with in the book shelf.



I also have this amazing Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Collapsible Craft Table in gray thanks to Home Decorators Collection to get crafty on and…


This amazing Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Storage Hutch and Martha Stewart Living™ Craft Space Three-Drawer Flat-File Cabinet also from Home Decorators Collection!


This is my dream craft room. I’ve always wanted a craft cabinet I could store all my crafts and food props in. Now I can say I have one of my very own!


I’ve got all my paints inside…


And everything else craft related you could think of inside this cabinet.



I love that the cabinet doors also have a chalk board and cork board interior for notes and for what ever you’d like. There is also a great space at the bottom for additional storage. I have some of my photo props down there!


Next to my craft cabinet I have my paper shelf organizer and…


My tons of washi tape! I’m obsessed with washi tape. And lets not forget the flamingo wall behind the craft cabinets and washi tape.


I also love my desk area. It’s so Brite & Bubbly. It’s surrounded by all of my favorite things including pineapples (obviously), donuts, macarons, and all my favorite sayings and art prints.


It’s my mantra wall and it’s always growing. It’s a great view to see as I’m working at my desk as it always inspires me.


On my desk you’ll always find a donut folder and my “I am very busy” planner.


I’m thrilled with my new fabulous home office space/studio space. It’s truly a dream come true to have such a beautiful space to work in at home.

And since I’ve allowed you to get a sneak peak at the studio I guess it’s only fair to let you in on a little secret. Next year I’m sad to announce The Queen of Swag will be stepping down from her throne as we will be rebranding this blog to a new name and that name is BriteandBubbly.com. It’s going to be the same great content with just a new name that will truly reflect what we are all about. We hope you’ll continue to follow us and support us as we make this transition. We’re solely changing the name of the site and fancying up the site a bit so it looks a little snazzier for you. We figured we have this beautiful work space now, we better make what we’re working on just as beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our amazing work space and we can’t wait to show you all the Brite & Bubbly things we have planned for 2015!


If you’re looking for a fabulous furniture for your home office or craft space, I highly recommend you check out the Home Decorators Collection Website!