Our Baby Shower Adventure In The 2018 Toyota Camry XSE!

Hey All!

Today, I wanted to share our fun adventure road trip to Northern California for the baby shower my in-laws threw me and my hubby. We got to take this fun adventure thanks to the folks at Toyota who provided us with an amazing 2018 Toyota Camry XSE! I don’t know if you’ve been around this blog for some time, but if you have you know I drive a Toyota. It’s the car brand I actually learned to drive in and I’ll probably be driving a Toyota for the rest of my days! I digress…

This car had everything we needed to make the road trip super comfortable and fun. Since I’m pregnant, I’m all about the comfort and want to make sure we were driving in a car I knew would have amazing gas mileage and keep us safe on the road.

We jammed on my favorite Sirius XM radio station 90’s on 9 all the way to my in-laws house. I love how much music and stations we had to choose from. I also love that we could each control the temperature we wanted the air conditioning to be on each of our sides. I like it colddddd and my hubby doesn’t, so we each had ours set to different numbers as you can see above.

I could sync my phone to the car with bluetooth.

It had a usb port and lighter port to charge our mobile devices.

It had seat warmers in case we got cold, which didn’t happen of course since it was a heat wave of 112 on the day we drove.

We could control answering phone calls and the music stations right from the wheel…

And the car would also keep us driving straight and in our lane because it would make a beeping sound if we even got the slightest out of our lane. It also would tell us how many miles we had left to drive before we went on empty. I can’t even tell you how good the gas mileage is on this car. We went from Los Angeles to his in-laws house and only had to fill up half a tank half way. We did the same thing coming back and honestly had more than a half a tank of gas to last us the rest of the week when we got back. That’s pretty incredible in my book. That eco-boost feature that it has to save gas works amazingly. I felt like we were driving a hybrid because it was so fuel efficient.

Our baby shower was rainbow themed of course.

We had everything from a diaper cake to rainbow favors…

To a cute rainbow cake.

We of course got a lot of gifts and the trunk space fit it all no problem!

This car was the perfect vehicle to take our road trip adventure up north in. Trust me it’s an adventure. We go from city life to farm animals roaming about and mountains when we take this road trip. This car was so fun to drive and it has the sportiest styling and is also well equipped with a host of safety and convenience technologies.

I can go on and on about this car, but you can learn more about it on the Toyota Website HERE!

Thanks again to Toyota for providing us with this amazing car for our trip!



No compensation was received for this post. We were solely provided this vehicle for review.