Our Free Printable Oscars 2019 Ballot!

Hey All!

The Academy Awards aka The Oscars are this weekend and I usually design my own Oscars ballot each year. I’ve shared some in the past and I figured I would bring it back this year because this year is special! There is a Spanish language film nominated for best picture and Spike Lee is nominated for best Director. It’s a year to celebrate diversity and I’m all about it! I know this year the Oscars have had a lot of controversy, but it’s something we watch every year no matter how mad the results make us each year. I host a viewing party every year and these will be our ballots this year.

These will be perfect for any viewing party you may be hosting or if you’re just wanting to keep score of how many you get right with your friends or family.

As per usual, our ballots are very Brite & Bubbly and not the traditional black and gold Oscar colors.

You can Download this ballot HERE!

I hope you enjoy these ballots just as much as I do!

Happy viewing everyone!