Our Road Trip In The Fab New 2017 Toyota Prius!

Hey All!

I recently went on a road trip to northern California to see my in-laws in a fabulous new 2017 Toyota Prius aka my dream car. I got the amazing opportunity to partner with Toyota on this trip and I was thrilled for the opportunity to get to drive a brand new Prius for our trip. For obvious reasons, it’s the best car for a road trip. In case you lived under a rock and didn’t know it was a hybrid, it’s perfect for saving on gas! It gets up to 58mpg (miles per gallon) in the city and 53mpg on the highway. I honestly think it gets more than that when you switch between the different modes as you drive. You can switch to EV44/ECO/POWER Modes, which help you save on gas.

The car also had a push button start…

XM Radio with navigation system, which could also be controlled through the steering wheel…

And a Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charger with charge indicator light. You just place your phone on the black area and it charges it with out a cable! How cool is that?! Loved it!

It also had more than enough trunk space to fit all our luggage, gifts, and snacks for the road.

Before we left for our trip, we took it to some of my favorite shops to pick up some snacks and gifts for my in-laws.

We stopped at Salt & Straw and Big Sugar Bake Shop! I have to bring tasty treats with me where ever I go! I love going to Big Sugar because it has such a cute retro bake shop feel.

Even the tables are colorful and retro! Their baked goods are just as amazing as the shop itself.

We also stopped at Boujour Fete, which is one of my favorite shops for cute gifts and party goods. We got there as soon as it opened and I’m obsessed with everything about this store.

From the balloons outside to the pink door, it’s the cutest store ever! We picked up some cute gifts and were on our way to northern California. It’s a very long drive, but the Prius made it one of the smoothest and easiest drives ever.

I loved driving around in this car and I did not want to give it back! It’s surely going to be the next car that I buy. I’ve only owned Toyota cars, so I’m keeping the tradition going with this amazing car!

Thanks again to Toyota for loaning us this awesome new 2017 Prius!

Check out more info on the 2017 Toyota Prius on their website www.toyota.com/prius!



We were solely provided a loaner vehicle to test drive this car.