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I’ve had the Amazing opportunity to see the extremely touching film People Like Us twice. I saw it the first timewhile at the Avengers event in NYC and I didn’t know what to expect, but I loved the films so much that I had to see it again out here with my non-hubby since I felt it would really hit home with him and his family. The film begins with Sam (Chris Pine also known as Captain Kirk of the new Star Trek films). Sam is a fast talking salesman. What does he sell? Sam sells barter. That’s right, barter. He acquires surplus items from manufacturers and trades them to other companies for their surplus items.

Running around New York wheeling and dealing, Sam only answers his phone to make a business transaction. When Sam does arrive home to his girlfriend Hannah (played by the lovely Olivia Wilde from House and Cowboys and Aliens), she breaks the news that Sam’s father has died. Sam’s reaction is “What’s for dinner?” Sam tries to avoid the trip to Los Angeles for his father’s funeral. Obviously there is some unresolved bad blood between him and his father. Arriving the day after the funeral, Sam and Hannah crash at the house of Sam’s mom (played by Michele Pfeifer). In the house Sam treads through his childhood memories and he later learns of  what he inherits in a leather pouch (shaving kit) with $150,000 and a note. The note has an address and a name of where the money is supposed to go with the p.s. “take care of them.”

Sam learns through this last wish from his father that he has a sister named Frankie (played by Elizabeth Banks of 30 Rock)  that his father abandoned to be with Sam’s family and a nephew named Josh (Michael Hall D’Addario).  All of which he never new about his entire life! He tries to get to know his long lost sister and rebuild the family he never had, but it doesn’t go as planned and things take an unexpected turn that leads to closure for all. I won’t tell you the whole movie but People Like Us is a film about family, betrayal, and most importantly love.  It showcases how Family can be harsh and can be broken, but with love and understanding family can also be mended. This is a film that should be seen by everyone if for no other reason to share this wonderful concept of love. It will tug at your heart strings and leave you shedding tears by the end of the film. I know it did this to me! I loved this film and you will too!

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