Peter Rabbit: Christmas Tale For The Holidays! #HolidayGG13

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Hey All!

Are you looking for the perfect Holiday Entertainment for your family? Well look no further than Peter Rabbit: Christmas Tale! I grew up loving the tales of Peter Rabbit and I’m happy to get the opportunity to share it with my family.

Gather the family for this Peter Rabbit collection featuring a brand new holiday classic, with Peter and his cousin Benjamin braving a blizzard to deliver food to the residents of Lake District, while trying to avoid a sneaky fox along the way! Plus, enjoy six additional adventures with Peter, Benjamin and Lily as they learn about resilience, problem solving and the value of teamwork in the beautiful Lake District.


Peter Rabbit’s: Christmas Tale is a new Christmas special from Nickelodeon. Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny take over for Mr. Bouncer when he gets sick and can’t make the important holiday supply delivery. Peter’s mother tells him to go straight to the store, make the deliveries and come straight back home, but you know Peter. He can’t resist getting into just a little mischief. Thankfully, Peter and Benjamin come across a new friend, Lily Bobtail, who helps them out of a scrape. Together, Lily, Peter and Benjamin stand up to the sneaky fox Mr. Tod as they work to get the supplies for their animal friends and deliver them before the blizzard gets too bad. Peter Rabbit and his friends model problem solving, resilience, and positive framing as they make their journey and overcome obstacles along the way.

It’s a great Holiday adventure the whole family will enjoy.

It can be found at Sam’s Club on DVD for about $15.99.